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World of Darkness

A Bond is Formed (Giovanni Chronicles episode 7)

The coterie decides it’s best to return to the Founders and let them know what the Conspiracy of Isaac is up to. Along the way they engage in some interesting conversation.

Podcast episode 28 – Where we discuss Diablerie

In this episode the guys discuss the Giovanni Chronicles and the coteries choice to commit diablerie.

World of Darkness final chapter (podcast)

In the final chapter of our game, the party makes it to the mining site and see what the Ling if the Bighorns is up to.  

Sheridan by Night part 1 (The World of Darkness)

In our first-ever actual play podcast, we present Sheridan by Night, a World of Darkness game. The party is working to find a rogue Malkavian who has declared himself King of the Bighorns and is trying to bring all sorts of evil through an Umbral portal into our world.

307 RPG Podcast episode 14 – Dragon Heist and the World of Darkness

In this episode, the guys talk about their latest romp through Waterdeep and their Friday night World of Darkness game.  

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