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A God Among Kindred (Giovanni Chronicles part 1, The Last Supper episode 12)

The time to reveal which side they are on has arrived as Claudius Giovanni leads the Conspirators of Isaac to St. Timothy’s to “pay a visit” to Japheth Cappadocius. Claudius’ plans are revealed as are the plans of the coterie. Join us the for the final conflict.

The Offer

Hardestadt and the other Founders give the newly-turned vampires a crash course in what it means to be a vampire. Then, they make them an offer to get them to spy on the Conspiracy of Isaac.

The Interrogation (Giovanni Chronicles episode 4)

In this episode, the players are taken prisoner by the Founders and subsequently interrogated for information regarding Lord Giovanni. In a unique twist, the players take on the role of the Founders and take turns interrogating each other.

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