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Top five cards aspiring Legacy players should know

You’ve seen all the articles telling you how to get into Legacy. They tell you how you should research the decks and pick one that suits you. They tell you that, while expensive, Legacy is not unattainable. And, you know what, they’re right! We agree with them; however, we feel there is something else you

FNM: We played Legacy!

Our FNM format last night was Casual but we decided to see if we could get some folks to play Legacy. As luck would have it we had ten! Of the ten people playing, five of us were playing legit Legacy decks. Of those, I know there was an Esper Stoneblade, Maverick, Oops All Spells,

Taking Legacy Miracles out for a spin

By The Angry Dwarf My friend, Mr. Z, and I have decided we want to hit a Legacy Magic tournament this coming weekend. Our local Legacy community is not that strong, so we will be forced to travel about 150 miles. This, of course, depends on the weather here in northern Wyoming. This will be

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