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Top 7 Aether Revolt cards impacting Modern

Check out the cards that didn’t quite make Zane’s list, here. Down with the Consulate! Down with Tezzeret’s corruption! The plane of Kaladesh is in full-scale revolt, and that means we’re getting a new batch of powerful cards to experiment and build with. Aether Revolt will be legal as of January 20th 2017 (Coincidence?) and

Paradoxical Filigree, Kaladesh hits Modern

by Zane Rowland Well guys, it’s that time again! A new set, a new plane, and lots of new cards! 264 of them to be exact! Last weekend a lot of you probably got a chance to participate in the prerelease and experience the power of some of these new cards in sealed. In just

Banned Restricted predictions for Oct. 1, 2016

Kaladesh is almost upon us and with it, we say good-bye to Dragons of Tarkir and Origins in Standard. There is also the potential that we will be saying good-bye to some cards in other formats, too. As we always do when we get a new set, we are going to give our thoughts to

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