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Wickerflame is awesome!

It is possible I have found a new favorite Hearthstone card. What is it? Wickerflame Burnbristle. This guy is simply awesome. So, Wickerflame, is a 3-drop, Paladin only minion that debuted in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It is a 2/2 with Taunt and Divine Shield, and it has the ability “Damage dealt by this minion also

A Note from the Publisher

It’s been a year. A year since I decided I wanted to create a blog about gaming. While we didn’t grow at exponential rates, nor are we all millionaires (not even close!) we did see some growth and some changes. When we first started out it was just me attempting to write about things I

Golden Druid

Finally hit gold with my druid deck. Made some changes to the deck though so I thought I would post a deck list for everyone.         Innervate x 2 Enchanted Raven x 2 Living Roots x 2 Darnassus Aspirant x 2 Druid of the Saber x 2 Mark of Y’Shaarj x 2

One Night in Karazhan – The Spire

The fourth and final wing of One Night In Karazhan, The Spire, opened this week giving Hearthstone adventurers three new bosses and lots of loot to acquire. This was, without a doubt the more difficult of the wings I have done, so hopefully this will help you get through it a little easier. Shade of

One Night in Karazhan – The Opera House

The second wing of One Night in Karazhan is open! This means we have three new bosses to fight. In order to find out what has happened to Medivh you must first fight your way through Karazhan. For this part of the fight, you need to get through the Opera House. Julianne First up in

One Night in Karazhan – The Parlor

The flatware is attacking, the mirror is insulting, and now the chess board is trying to kill you! To think, that’s just the first wing of Karazhan. One Night in Karazhan, the latest adventure for the online card game, Hearthstone, released last week. All Hearthstone players were allowed to play the free intro adventure which

Hearthstone update – Father’s Day Ranked play, ZooLock

I must say Beast Druid is the most fun I have had with any deck. I suppose it make sense though, Druid is the first hero I ever druid. In fact, when I was first learning the World of Warcraft CCG Druid was the hero class I wanted to learn the most. I was able

Hearthstone – Warcraft movie, video of friendly play

This past Friday, Warcraft opened in theaters. Being a fan of World of Warcraft (I currently do not play) I was interested in checking this out. I was also very hesitant. Let’s face it, there is a lot of lore when it comes to Warcraft. The potential to critically mess this movie up was very

Hearthstone update – Beast Druid

I received a comment last week that I spend a lot of time complaining. You know what, you’re right and that needs to change. I doubt I will get that reader back, but that’s ok. That comment is going to give me some focus. This week we took a good look at our current Beast

Reno needs to go! Hearthstone update

By The Angry Dwarf Feeling pretty frustrated this morning. I guess it’s appropriate given my name and all. Still, I need to vent a little. I am NOT a fan of Reno Jackson. If you don’t know who Reno Jackson is, allow me to enlighten you. Reno is a legendary creature obtained by completing the

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