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Giovanni Chronicles

The Monastery of St. Timothy (Giovanni Chronicles episode 9)

Desperate to try to make sense of their new unlife and under the orders of both the Founders and the Conspiracy of Isaac, the coterie arrives at the Monastery of St. Timothy and seek audience with Japheth Capadocious. As things often happen, they get more than they bargain for.

Templar Attack (Giovanni Chronicles episode 8)

The coterie is en route to the Monastery of St. Timothy when they are surprised attacked by a band of fanatical Templars led by someone from their very recent past. Listen as they unleash their ever growing vampiric powers upon their attackers.

A Bond is Formed (Giovanni Chronicles episode 7)

The coterie decides it’s best to return to the Founders and let them know what the Conspiracy of Isaac is up to. Along the way they engage in some interesting conversation.

The Counter-Offer (Giovani Chronicles episode 6)

The Coterie leaves the Founders in search of Claudius Giovanni and his co-conspirators. The agreement is they will spy on the conspirators and report back to Hardestadt; however, Giovavanni gives them a counter-offer.

The Offer

Hardestadt and the other Founders give the newly-turned vampires a crash course in what it means to be a vampire. Then, they make them an offer to get them to spy on the Conspiracy of Isaac.

The Interrogation (Giovanni Chronicles episode 4)

In this episode, the players are taken prisoner by the Founders and subsequently interrogated for information regarding Lord Giovanni. In a unique twist, the players take on the role of the Founders and take turns interrogating each other.

Dinner is Served (Giovanni Chronicle episode 3)

Our guest have all been gathered into the dinning hall. A fine feast is laid before them and their appetites thirst with anticipation. Imagine their horror when they discover the food is just a ruse and they are the main course.

The Red Lamb Inn (Giovanni Chronicles episode 1)

Our players arrive, one by one, at the Red Lamb Inn. It is here they learn their famous host may have nefarious intents.

The Start (Giovanni Chronicles session 0)

In this session 0 we meet 4 of the five characters to be portrayed in our rendition of the Giovanni Chronicles.

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