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Dungeons and Dragons: Tales from the Yawning Portal (Forge of Fury part 4)

The crew has made it inside the Mountain door where they find orcs at every turn. First things first, can they make it across the bridge without falling?

Dungeons and Dragons: Tales from the Yawning Portal (Forge of Fury part 2) | Dungeons and Dragons

The crew finally arrives at Saw Tooth. What could possibly be waiting for them?

Five gift ideas for Mother’s Day | Five gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and, if you have a gaming mom in your life, we have five gift ideas for you. These are not in any sort of order. 5. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival – I purchased this game after watching it on Wil Wheaton’s TableTop. It struck me as a game

Top games we played in 2016

In 2016 we played a lot of games. We played board games, card games, dice games, and computer games. We played games with friends, on tablets, and at tournaments. But what were the games we played the most? Here is a look at the top ten games we played in 2016. Mars Attacks: The Dice

Welcome aboard, Rival’s Duel podcast

We would like to take a moment to welcome to the Forge Herald, Rival’s Duel. Rival’s Duel is a MtG Commander podcast hosted by Nole Clauson and Eric Bonvie. Be sure to give them a listen! Rival’s Duel Hello and welcome to our regularly scheduled episode of Rival’s Duel. The rivals are back and they are

Ten games for under $20

Christmas is right around the corner and hopefully, you’re not like me, desperately trying to finish shopping. If you’re done, great! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the season. If, however, you are still trying to grab that last minute gift, we put together a list of 10 games under $20 that are sure to please

Review: Spyfall

We took the weekend and met up with a friend of the Forge Herald to play some games. First up in his bag of goodies, Spyfall. Spyfall is a deduction/role play game that has the players trying to determine who is the spy in their group. Spyfall is published by Cryptozoic Entertainment (and many others

Review: Gloom

We wrapped up our October with a streak of horror-themed games. As we cracked the seal on November, we decided to keep the theme going as we settled in to play Gloom. Gloom was published in 2005 by Atlas Games. It is designed by Keith Baker with art by Michelle Nephew and J. Scott Reeves.

Review – Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas

Are you a fan of Munchkin? Are you a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas? Well, you should love Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas! With most of our gamers having to miss our weekly game night, we decided to keep it simple and play a game we already know, Munchkin. Only, we wanted to keep it Halloween

Review: 7 Wonders

Ever had the desire to lead one of the great cities of the world through three ages of civilization? No matter what your answer, that’s exactly what you get to do in the game 7 Wonders by Repos Production, ADC Blackfire Entertainment, Asmodee, Asterion Press, Galapagos Jogos, Gem Klub Kft., Hobby Japan, Kaissa Chess and

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