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5 Star Trek themed board games your group should play

With the full backing of Disney and Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars games are everywhere! From Star Wars: Imperial Assault to Star Wars: Rebellion, there is plenty of games for our force-loving fans to play. But what about those who love Star Trek? Last night, as we opened Star Wars: Rebellion for the first time,

Review: Star Trek: Panic!

Red alert! The starship Enterprise is under attack! It’s time to Panic! Last night, at the Forge Herald gaming center we sat down to play the new game, Star Trek Panic. Designed by Justin DeWitt, Star Trek Panic was released earlier this year by Fireside Games and USAopoly. The game is a variation of the

Review: Dastardly Dirigibles

Have what it takes to build the best airship in the skies? Well, now is your chance to find out as Professor Phineas Edmund Hornswoggle, world renown airship builder, has announced his retirement! In order to keep the fleet of airships in the skies, Hornswoggle has announced a competition to see which inventor can build

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