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A Note from the Publisher

It’s been a year. A year since I decided I wanted to create a blog about gaming. While we didn’t grow at exponential rates, nor are we all millionaires (not even close!) we did see some growth and some changes. When we first started out it was just me attempting to write about things I

Five Questions – Christine Sprankle

I first learned about Christine Sprankle at GP:Las Vegas, 2015. I saw her dressed as Avacyn but had no idea who she was. Then I saw her picture as part of the Rolling Stones article about the event. After that, her name was coming up everywhere. When we started five Questions, I knew she was one of

Five Questions – Ashlen Rose

If you’re a fan of cosplay, I would wager you have heard of Ashlen Rose. Ashlen can be seen at many different Cons dressed in all manner of awesome costumes. I met Ashlen at Grand Prix: Los Angeles in May and asked her to be a part of our Five Questions series. She very happily

The Beautiful and Wonderful world of Cosplay

  By Jonathan King Have you ever auditioned for a part in a play, and did not get what you wanted, or even a part in the play? What about playing a game or watching a movie? Have you ever wanted to reenact the fall of the Lich King from “World of Warcraft: Wrath of

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