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Our top 6 interesting green cards in Modern

Alright, so, full disclosure, this isn’t going to be just the top 6 green cards in Modern. Instead, Zane and I decided we take some of the best green cards in the format that may be a little confusing. Why? Well, we feel a more informed player is a better player. So let’s start with

Wickerflame is awesome!

It is possible I have found a new favorite Hearthstone card. What is it? Wickerflame Burnbristle. This guy is simply awesome. So, Wickerflame, is a 3-drop, Paladin only minion that debuted in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It is a 2/2 with Taunt and Divine Shield, and it has the ability “Damage dealt by this minion also

Brewing with Zane: Modern Dragons

“…Into the land of trouble and anguish, from whence come the young and old lion, the viper and fiery flying serpent …” Isaiah 30:6 Into the land of trouble and anguish, we go folks! Today’s Modern brew comes straight from the Good Book itself. Although I’m not quite sure what this Biblical prophet of the

Brewing with Zane: Skred Experiments

Just in time for the holidays, here is a Modern Skred variant deck for anyone who thought Madcap Experiments from Kaladesh looked like a fun card to build a deck around. The Artifact we’re going to be Experimenting into with this deck is Platinum Emperion, a huge 8/8 fattie whose ability reads, “Your life total

Deadlocking loyalty

Aether Revolt is getting closer and spoilers have slowly been coming out. I don’t know about the rest of you but the planeswalkers look pretty slick! I know a lot of folks are looking forward to the Masterpieces in this upcoming set. If you haven’t read it, please take a moment to check out Zane’s

Smuggling artifacts

Hello, Forge Heralders! It’s time once again for me to take a look at some Magic rules and give you some rules explanations. If you’re a level 1 Magic judge working towards Level 2, this could be right up your alley. To kick us off, I want to take a look at Protection versus cards

A Note from the Publisher

It’s been a year. A year since I decided I wanted to create a blog about gaming. While we didn’t grow at exponential rates, nor are we all millionaires (not even close!) we did see some growth and some changes. When we first started out it was just me attempting to write about things I

Golden Druid

Finally hit gold with my druid deck. Made some changes to the deck though so I thought I would post a deck list for everyone.         Innervate x 2 Enchanted Raven x 2 Living Roots x 2 Darnassus Aspirant x 2 Druid of the Saber x 2 Mark of Y’Shaarj x 2

Chaining a Blood Moon

Hey, Forge Herald fans! It’s time for another instalment of me answering your Magic rules questions. Also, if you have questions that need immediate answering, you should check out the Magic Judge tumblr. L3 Judge Charlotte Sable does an awesome job. Also, make sure you check out Cranial Insertion, too. Those guys are excellent as

One Night in Karazhan – The Spire

The fourth and final wing of One Night In Karazhan, The Spire, opened this week giving Hearthstone adventurers three new bosses and lots of loot to acquire. This was, without a doubt the more difficult of the wings I have done, so hopefully this will help you get through it a little easier. Shade of

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