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One Night in Karazhan – The Parlor

The flatware is attacking, the mirror is insulting, and now the chess board is trying to kill you! To think, that’s just the first wing of Karazhan. One Night in Karazhan, the latest adventure for the online card game, Hearthstone, released last week. All Hearthstone players were allowed to play the free intro adventure which

A disappointing Games Day

So Games Day came and went at our LGS and I find myself more and more frustrated. As one of the TOs for our store, I am at a loss on how to bring in our players. Perhaps it’s the 10 a.m. start time? Anyone else dealing with low turnouts? Please tell me how you’re

Judge Tips: Not so Hallowed Meld-light

Hey, folks, Patrick here. For this week’s judge article, I decided to step away from the hardcore focus on L2 study stuff and look at some rules interactions in Standard. These are all questions that I have sourced from my local Magic community.  Q: If you use Goblin Dark-Dwellers ability on Lightning Axe can you

FNM with Crush of Tentacles

After watching Cory Dissinger pilot his U/G Crush deck to a 5th place finish at SCG Standard Open in Baltimore on July 30, Endruin (Check out his unboxing video here) and I were convinced we needed to try this deck. Check out the Deck tech on this thing. More specifically, Endruin was convinced I needed to

My Time Amongst the Humans

by Nolan LaMeres Editor’s Note As the sun sets on a standard sans Eldritch Moon, Nolan decided to reflect on his time with Humans during Shadows Over Innistrad. The start. I saw Always Watching and felt like it was going to be a great card, aggro and defense, what’s not to love. I saw some

Judge Tips – Split Cards

Split cards have longed caused confusion in Magic: The Gathering for both judges and players alike. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at these pesky cards. Split cards were first introduced in the Invasion block. It was picked back up in Dissension and again in Planar Chaos. When we got to the

Eldritch Moon pre-release

Game stores across the globe were flooded with Magic: The Gathering players, this weekend, as players came out eager to participate in the pre-release of the newest expansion Eldritch Moon. We, at the Forge Herald, joined in the fun as we headed down to the Sports Alley here in Sheridan. Our store only held one

Banned/Restricted update predictions

With Eldritch Moon close to hitting shelves, so, too, is the update to the banned/restricted list. As we always do, let’s take a look at what could be some potential changes to the list. Standard – Nothing. There is nothing that is completely dominating or warping the format. While there are some excellent decks, none

Eternal Masters unboxing video

We decided to do an unboxing video for our box of Eternal Masters. This is our first video so hopefully, our viewers will be kind to us. A couple things to remember when doing videos : 1. Check the storage space of your SD card. 2. If you switch cameras, make sure the battery is

Judge tips – Continuous effects

As we continue to explore things on the Level 2 Magic Judge test, we move to Continuous Effects. To learn more about One-Shot Effects, go here. So what is a Continuous Effect? Well, according to the Comprehensive Rules (CR) number 611.1A, a Continuous Effect modifies characteristics of objects, modifies control of objects, or affects players

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