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Ad Nauseam

Gillette PPTQ – A look from the bottom

Saturday was quite the day as Zane, Nolan, and I packed up the car and headed to Gillette, Wyo. To play in a PPTQ. While Zane and I walked away with less than stellar records, Nolan managed to place in the top 8. You can read all about that here. As for me, I finished

FNM with Ad Nauseam

Our format for FNM this past week was Modern and once again decided to play Ad Nauseam. For those that don’t know, Ad Nauseam is a deck that relies on a few cards. First, Ad Nauseam (I know, I know, you saw that coming.). Second, either Angel’s Grace or Phyrexian Unlife. Third, Lightning Storm. Lightning

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