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What happens when you mix business and pleasure? Dragons.

Our Pathfinder adventure started to go down a familiar path last time. I’ve been a fan of Dungeons and Dragons for a while, so I finally decided to incorporate dragons into the game. It’s a necessity, right? I may have had the party in a dungeon as well… Our party left off after the last

Review: Ascension – Deckbuilding Game

It was game time at The Forge Herald headquarters last night. And, since we haven’t played a new game in a couple of weeks, we decided to unwrap a game and give it a go. Our flavor of the weekend was Ascension: Deckbuilding Game from Stone Blade Entertainment. Ascension was designed by Magic: The Gathering

Brago is dead! New Conspiracy set name changed

So apparently something happened and Brago got killed. I assume, since Brago is a ghost, someone called the Ghostbusters? No clue. So, with Brago dead, WotC has changed the name of the new Conspiracy set to Conspiracy: The Empty Throne. Conspiracy: The Empty Throne has the same concept as Conspiracy: Brago’s Reign, just a new

WotC announces new Conspiracy set

As a fan of the MtG set, Conspiracy, Wizards of the Coasts’ latest announcement thrills me to no end. Announcing Conspiracy: The Reign of Brago! This is sweet! If you played when Conspiracy was released, then I am sure you have a tale or two about a Conspiracy draft that went awry. After all, that’s

Let’s Talk About Character Creation, Baby

by Chock Schmidt There are three main ways to make a decent character sheet for Pathfinder, D&D, or really any pen and paper RPG you choose. I’ve played with die-hard enthusiasts who prefer any way listed, so don’t feel confined to one or another, and don’t look down on someone for using a different method.

Pathfinder Skull and Shackles Adventure Card Game

by Chock Schmidt This last weekend, Phil was in town for an unfortunate event, which was a death in the family. Since we wouldn’t be seeing each other for a while, we decided to give each other our Christmas gifts early. My gift to him was the Battle For Zendikar Duel Decks from Magic, while

Review: Archer – The Board Game

By Chock Schmidt Last year for my birthday, my friend Halen bought me Archer, the board game. This was due to our love for the show and a lot of my antics at the time being related to scenes from the show, so it was a pretty fitting gift. The funny thing is, we didn’t

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