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Four things you need to start painting miniatures

Painting miniatures is one of my favorite things to do. I became hooked years when a friend who played Warhammer introduced me to painting. I eventually moved beyond painting to actually playing, but that’s a different story. Getting started in miniature painting can be difficult. So, with that said, here are some of the things

Three reasons to let someone else DM

Our weekly Dungeons and Dragons session went a little of the beaten path for us as we were missing two of our players. Since we were in the middle of an adventure, we decided we needed to either do something with different characters or possibly an alternate timeline. As our usual DM, I offered to

Return to play with a new campaign, characters.

On Sunday we got back to playing Dungeons and Dragons. We had taken the previous week off, play-wise, for character creation/adjustment as we prepared for a new campaign. Our story leading up to this had our adventurers in Ravenloft as they worked through my version of Curse of Strahd. I deliberately changed the campaign so

The campaign has ended, what now?

After several months of chasing, fighting, and seeing one of their own die, our party has completed their first campaign. It took us a bit to get going, and, at one point, I thought for sure the party was going to return to the safety of their home rather than fight the big boss –

Gaming on a Budget

This last weekend, I spent a lot of time playing games. It was unusual, as I typically don’t get to play all that often, let alone multiple games in a single weekend. It started out with a Magic prerelease ran by Patrick (check out his and Zane’s latest post here). It was $25 to play in

Killing A Character-A Follow Up

Not long ago, Patrick posted about his campaign and how a certain Paladin ended up meeting his fate at the hands of the vampire, Strahd. Read the article here. The article points out how difficult it is to deal with character death, and actually how excited the player was that his character could finally go,

Role playing games changed my life

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by game design consultant, Andy Trowers. As a youngster, I was a regular player of games of imagination and wonder. Starting with first edition Dungeons and Dragons, my brother and I spent days and weeks lost in fantasy worlds. But as I got older, real life got

How does your party deal with PC death?

The rain fell in a steady drizzle as the vampire made his attack on the party. The fireball lept from his pale hands, splashing down among the adventurers. The resulting explosion sent our party flying in every direction. The vampire transformed himself into a mist and appeared behind Vemmick, the barbarian. His first attack slammed

Odd Characters for Odd Games

Hello everyone, Chock here, and I apologize for being so absent lately. I’ve had some difficulty carving out some time for anything other than my normal routine the last few months, but I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. While we have stuck to our adventure group every week, it’s

Gone for a few days

Hey, friends, Patrick here. I will be out of town the next few days as I head to Denver for the last day of the Grand Prix and a Judge Conference. Hopefully I will have some good stuff to tell you when I get back!

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