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Hearthstone update – Father’s Day Ranked play, ZooLock

I must say Beast Druid is the most fun I have had with any deck. I suppose it make sense though, Druid is the first hero I ever druid. In fact, when I was first learning the World of Warcraft CCG Druid was the hero class I wanted to learn the most. I was able

Hearthstone – Warcraft movie, video of friendly play

This past Friday, Warcraft opened in theaters. Being a fan of World of Warcraft (I currently do not play) I was interested in checking this out. I was also very hesitant. Let’s face it, there is a lot of lore when it comes to Warcraft. The potential to critically mess this movie up was very

Hearthstone update – Beast Druid

I received a comment last week that I spend a lot of time complaining. You know what, you’re right and that needs to change. I doubt I will get that reader back, but that’s ok. That comment is going to give me some focus. This week we took a good look at our current Beast

Hearthstone update – Total Shamanation

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think these Standard shaman decks are getting out of control. Since Whispers of the Old Gods was released, it seems Shaman has been the deck to beat. The ability to have creatures with a large attack on the board early seems to be somewhat overpowering.

Hearthstone Update – What a fun Tavern Brawl

It’s Monday morning so that means it’s time for a Hearthstone update. My playtime was interrupted this weekend with a Magic tournament and real life responsibilities, but I was still able to get a few games in.It seems the Great C’Thun race of 2016 is slowing. I continue to use my C’Thun priest deck and

Hearthstone Update: The Power of C’Thun

The power of C’Thun compels me! Well, sort of.This week in Hearthstone is once again filled with all things C’Thun. I have been bouncing back and forth between C’Thun Priest and C’Thun druid. This week in Hearthstone is once again filled with all things C’Thun. I have been bouncing back and forth between C’Thun Priest

Hearthstone update: A week with the old gods

Whispers of the Old Gods has been in our hands for almost a week and boy has the impact been felt. Any idea which of the old gods has made the biggest impact? If you guessed C’thun, I would agree! I will admit, I started the week wanting to stick with Paladin. I made some

Hearthstone Update – Eve of ‘Whispers of the Old Gods’

Tomorrow is the day! We get a new set and new formats. I am very happy about this. Quick update, wins for the week are at 253. It has not been a very good week. I was out of town, and off the computer from Thursday until this morning. Somehow I doubt the wins would

Whispers of the Old Gods release date announced

Blizzard Ent. announced, yesterday, that Whispers of the Old Gods will officially launch on Tuesday, April 26. Whispers of the Old Gods is the latest expansion for the Hearthstone digital card game. The set introduces 134 new cards. With the release of the set comes the creation of formats for Hearthstone. The new formats are

Hearthstone update – Alexstrasza, oh how I hate you

Alexstrasza. I think I may have found a card I dislike more than Reno. Without a doubt, I played against more Mage decks this week than any other deck. And it felt like every one of them had Alexstrasza. I really do not like this card. Before we get into my dragon issues, let’s see

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