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Podcast episode 38 – Where we take a deep dive into Fighters

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 307 RPG Podcast. My name is Patrick and I am your host, and I am joined by my two co-hosts…

Cody – I’m Cody

Nolan – And I’m Nolan

Today we have a different show lined up for you. We will of course be taking a hard look at the Fighter class giving you some tips and tricks on how to play the class beyond the stereotype. We have a bit of news to talk about with the new story line in Dungeons and Dragons, as well as some news for Vampire: the Masquerade. Finally, we will be rolling up a character for Patrick as he looks to retire his gunslinger in our Dungeons and Dragons campaign and pick up the monk class.

We have a lot to discuss so let’s jump right into news.

First, Wizards of the Coast has announced they will be revealing the new storyline for Dungeons and Dragons, The Descent. They will be doing this live at D&D Live in Los Angeles on May 17. You can attend the event live, or you can tune in on twitch at twitch.tv/dnd This event will kick off at 4pm on the 17th. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to mingle with Dungeons and Dragons Luminaries, get exclusive merchandise, and of course play Dungeons and Dragons.


As mentioned a couple episodes ago, Nice Game Publishing launched their kickstarter for Vampire: the Masquerade Heritage. This is a legacy boardgame designed by Babis Giannios and illustrated by Lukas Siegmon. There is additional writing by Matthew Dawkins (The Gentleman Gamer). The game is a campaign that stretches for 700 years or you can play a custom version of the game. You can check out this kickstarter by going to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sweet-lemon/vampire-the-masquerade-heritage?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=Vampire%20the%20Masquerade


Other news?


Fighter has to be one of the more iconic classes for Dungeons and Dragons. I used to claim it was possibly the easiest class to play but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I am currently playing a fighter (gunslinger) in our Dungeon of the Mad Mage campaign and it is different than you basic hack and slash-type character.


So let’s talk about what your primary stat for the fighter

Nolan and Cody

Constitution is the key trait for a fighter. You need hit points to survive.

Attack stat – depending on the type of fighter you are playing this will vary. An archer may need a high dexterity where as you typical hack and slash fighter needs a high strength.

Tertiary stat – The other attack stat you don’t focus on.

Dump stat – Charisma is your dump stat

Subclass – Nolan

Multiclass/RPG tips – All three

Roll Character – Monk (Open Hand or Drunken Master)

Roll stats and decide where to place them

Priority – Dex

Decide fighting style

Discuss concept.


Alright gang, we have come to the point in the show where we let everyone know how they can find us.

Nolan – on Twitter @nLameres

Cody – email at AlphaLCD@GMAIL.COM, Twitter @AlphaLCD

Patrick – pretty much all social media, @TheForgeherald

You can also find us on our actual play podcasts by checking out our Soundcloud page, www.soundcloud.com/the-forge-herald

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