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From My RPG Library – The Last Supper

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of From My RPG Library! My name is Patrick and I am your host today. Last week we switched games and discussed the Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook, Mordenkainen’s Tomb of Foes. This week, we are switching back to Vampire: the Masquerade and going all the way back to 1995. The book, The Last Supper, the Giovanni Chronicles, book 1.

As I stated, this book was released in 1995 under the Black Dog Gaming Factory label. Black Dog Gaming was the “adult-themed” books White Wolf was releasing at the time. This meant Graphic Violence, adult themes and sex.

So what is the book? The Last Supper is the first in the Giovanni Chronicles. It tells the tale of the fall of the Antediluvian, Cappadocius at the hands of his childe, Augustus Giovanni. The event has become known as the Conspiracy of Isaac. The story takes place in 1444 in the region of Romania. The players represent characters who have been selected to attend a dinner at the manse of the infamous merchant, Claudius Giovanni. What they don’t know is they are actually the main course.

From their it’s a whirlwind of adventure as they characters decide which faction they will side with, the conspirators or the Founders of the Camarilla, meet an antediluvian, and see a clan rise from the aftermath.

A couple of things about this book, this is a fairly railroaded adventure. There are certain things that are going to happen despite the players best attempts. This can be frustrating for players so keep that in mind. Also, this book has some pretty intense scenes that can be uncomfortable for some players. Make sure you read through the book thoroughly and identify these areas.

The book is written to include both table top play and live-action, if you so desired. I actually attempted to run this as a LARP when it first came out but was overwhelmed quickly. You will need a couple of narrators to help you run this in that fashion as well as some people to play some key parts. I would think if done well, this would be an amazing LARP experience.

The story is played out over three acts. My intention, as we just finished playing this one, was to try to squeeze one act in a night and play it over three sessions. It didn’t quite go that way as the players were able to really dive into their characters and had some amazing role playing scenes.

In fact, there is an opportunity in the story to have the players take on the role of an NPC and interrogate their fellow players. This created an awesome experience for the players.

If you decide you don’t want to play the story, the book is a great piece of Vampire: the Masquerade lore. I personally would recommend the book in either fashion. I really enjoyed it.

Our group started the second book in the Giovanni Chronicles, Blood and Fire this past weekend. The first episode is already published so be sure to check it out.

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