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From My RPG Library – Beckett’s Jyhad Library


Beckett’s Jyhad Diary

Summary – Beckett’s Jyhad Diary is a, essentially, a massive omnibus that gathers all the meta plots of Vampire the Masquerade into a beautifully produced book. I was given this book from my friend and 307 RPG podcast co-host, Cody. He acquired it at PAX Unplugged this past year. I was excited to get it as I love the lore of Vampire the Masquerade and have consumed large amounts of it. This book takes the reader on a journey through Beckett’s un-life as he encounters all sorts of characters within the world of Darkness. It starts with the events in Milwaukee and Carna’s revolution and travels around the globe from there.

As someone who has not played the game since 2nd edition, it was nice to see some characters I recognized: Sascha Vykos, Marcus Vitel, Theo Bell, Dracula, etc. It just kind of helped me to feel less out of place with the goings on within the World of Darkness.

Ascetically, this book is amazing. The cover is a stylized ankh and has a nice hardcover binding. The pages are high gloss, heavier stock. And there is even a book mark attached to the book giving it an old-world feel. The artwork is excellent and the transitions between sections work well.

Each “Chapter” as it were gives you a story of one of Beckett’s adventures. At the end, there is a brief here’s how you can use it in your game section. To be fair, I skipped some of these as I just wanted to consume the stories.

I love the idea of Beckett being this Indiana Jones type character, travelling around the world looking for bits of vampiric artifacts and knowledge.

Cons – So for me, the biggest cons for this book have to do with overall knowledge of Vampire and the World of Darkness. As someone who hadn’t messed with the game for a decade or more, I felt a little out of the loop. I found myself digging through my older books and even purchasing new ones just to keep up. I was fine with that, don’t get me wrong, but it may be an issue for some folks.

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