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Archives for January 2019

It tastes like broccoli (Dungeon of the Mad Mage episode 13 )

Join us for episode 13! https://soundcloud.com/the-forge-herald/it-tastes-like-broccoli

Set the wind ablaze (Dungeon of the Mad Mage episode 12)

What happens when fire meets an air elemental? Find out in our latest episode!

Where we discuss the Giovanni Chronicles (episode 24)

In this episode the fellas talk about their latest podcast release, the Giovanni Chronicles.

The Red Lamb Inn (Giovanni Chronicles episode 1)

Our players arrive, one by one, at the Red Lamb Inn. It is here they learn their famous host may have nefarious intents.

The Angry Wind (Dungeon of the Mad Mage episode 11)

Although they were warned, the party still comes face-to-face with the Angry Wind.

The Start (Giovanni Chronicles session 0)

In this session 0 we meet 4 of the five characters to be portrayed in our rendition of the Giovanni Chronicles.

Battle of the wererats (Dungeon of the Mad Mage episode 10)

Still trying to find their way to Skullport, the crew finds themselves squaring off against a small army of wererats.

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