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D&D Tale of the Nine Horned God episode 1

It’s episode 1 of the new campaign, The Tale of the Nine-Horned god. An otherworldly plague ravages the Thieves Run of Waterdeep and a powerful cleric has gone missing. The players head out from the Silver City to learn what’s going on.

Forge Nights is a production of the Forge Herald. We stream every Sunday at 2pm on twitch.tv/theforgeherald.

Sheree @Ree_Sleeps – Taylor
Jon – Frk
Dom @DominicCossel – Alton
Zach – Han Shin Woo
Cody @AlphaLCD – Songs
Nolan @TheEndruin – Xend

Patrick @TheForgeherald – Dungeon Master

Be sure to check out our other campaign, Hoard of the Dragon Queen staring the cast of Under Duress.





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