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The time has come, the team must face Acererak! This is our season finale for Tomb of Annihilation. Does anyone survive? This group will be playing a one-shot campaign on Saturday, March 31, 2018, then will be taking a week off as we prepare for the next campaign. Be sure to check out Under Duress

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It’s episode one of our newest campaign! Join us as new DM Sheree leads a party of new players through Hoard of the Dragon Queen. There will be mistakes, and sometimes a moment to explain rules, but it’s all part of the fun! Cast Tami – Cody @AlphaLCD Hailey @Hailey13707830 Emma Sheree @Ree_Sleeps – Dungeon

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The party finds themselves in a maze in which the only way out is to lose a hand. Later, Gor decides to drink some water and, well, something very interesting happens. We stream every Sunday at 2pm on You can support us on Patreon at If you would like to show your support

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After taking a desperately needed long rest, the party continues to explore the fourth level of the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Things don’t go well for Char-Nam as he gets pulled into a maze and then trapped in a mirror. Will this place cut them any slack? We stream every Sunday at 2pm on

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After escaping the wine room, the party finds the tomb of Nangang, the grung god. Realizing they had explored everything on the second level, they decide to descend to the fourth level, refusing to return to the third level where Frk died. Trouble is, this level is even more sinister than the last. We stream

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