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Dungeons and Dragons – Forge Nights episode 21 – Rivers, Hydras, Puzzles … Oh my

Ras Nsi is dead, Alton may be dead. Something is moving in the water and the last puzzle box is in site. We draw closer to entering the Tomb of the Nine Gods and face off with Acererak.

Editors note: We tried some different stuff with our set up today. I wanted to include a map for the players and viewers. In the end, I am not pleased with it, but still, need to get this episode out.

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Nolan @TheEndruin – Luthic
Jon -Frk
Sheree @Ree_Sleeps – Taylor
Dom @DominicCossel – Alton
Cody @AlphaLCD – Wrigley
Zac – Char-Nam

Dungeon Master – Patrick @TheForgeHerald

© 2018, Patrick Cossel. All rights reserved.

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