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Forge Nights episode 20 – A Legend returns, A Monster falls

As the party heads towards their fifth puzzle box, they are ambushed by a large squad of Yaun’Ti. With the party overwhelmed by numbers, a legend emerges from the haze. Later, the party decides now is the time to square off against Ras Nsi in which a party members has to decide to save himself, or someone else.

Forge Nights is celebrating their fifth month of streaming! You can find us every Sunday at www.twitch.tv/theforgeherald

Special thanks to our friend Gage, for joining us this week.

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Sheree @Ree_Sleeps – Taylor Monroe
Nolan @TheEndruin – Luthic
Jon – Frk
Cody @AlphaLCD – Wrigley
Dom @DominicCossel – Altom
Zac – Char-Nam

Dungeon Master – Patrick @TheForgeHerald

© 2018, Patrick Cossel. All rights reserved.

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