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Forge Nights episode 17 – The King of Feathers

A masked character, claiming to be a friend to members of the party frees Alton and saves Wrigley’s life. Who could this person be? A weretiger approaches the group and asks for help killing the King of Feathers. Who is the King of Feathers and what is that roaring we hear off in the distance? Join us for episode 17.

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Nolan @TheEndruin – Luthic
Jon – Frk
Sheree @Ree_Sleeps – Taylor
Dom @DominicCossel – Alton
Cody @AlphaLCD – Wrigley
Zac – Char-Nam

Dungeon Master – Patrick @TheForgeHerald

© 2018, Patrick Cossel. All rights reserved.

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