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5 Board Game Apps to Take on Your Summer Travels | Board Game

Planning a trip this summer and want to take your favorite board game with you? Well, if space is an issue, you can always purchase the game as an app for your smartphone or tablet. Here are five board game apps you can play while traveling for the summer.


Elder Sign – Available in your favorite App store for iOS or Android, Elder Sign plays a lot like the board game. Although, some might think it’s a bit harder. Elder Sign is played in single-player mode and does not require a network connection. An expansion is available to enhance your game play experience. It can be picked up for $3.99. Check it out, here

Ticket to Ride – Who doesn’t love Ticket to Ride? Available for iOS and Android, this app is very similar to the game. Players can play against the computer or with other players from around the globe. Maps can be purchased to give you more options. This app, produced by Asmodee Digital, will only set you back $1.99. Take a look at the app, here.

Splendor – Also from Asmodee Digital, Splendor is the jewel crafting game everyone loves. This game has a solo player format, a pass and play format, or online play. Which is great because you have the option of playing with or without a network. And, like Ticket to Ride, this app only costs $1.99. Learn more about the digital version of Splendor, here.

Editor’s note: I have been playing this game a lot and find it to be very enjoyable!

Carcassonne – According to Wil Wheaton, no game has as much time invested on his iPad while pooping than Carcassonne. The classic tile laying game features an offline and online mode so having a network won’t be an issue. One thing to remember, this app carries a price tag of $9.99. Find out more about it, here.

Settlers of Catan – You had to expect to see this one on a list of board games digital or not. Catan is a fantastic go-to game no matter what format it’s in. Catan can be played online, in campaign mode, or in a custom campaign.  Although it’s price tag of $3.99 is a touch higher than some of the other games on our list, it’s not near as high as Carcassonne. Learn more about this app, here




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