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We recorded a video! Check out our first attempt at recording our Dungeons and Dragons sessions as we play through the Sunless Citadel, the first adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal.

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Grand Prix Las Vegas, what a week! For those of you in the Magic community you know what I am talking about. Those not in the community, let me fill you in. Grand Prix Las Vegas took place June 14-18. It was a massive event hosted by Channel Fireball that included three Grand Prix (Legacy,

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Lots of cool things coming out of Announcement Week over at Wizards of the Coast. Aside from seeing the banning of Aetherworks Marvel and the return to Core sets, we are now getting some news about the 25th Anniversary of the game we all love so well. Check out the video announcement. Here are some

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Planning a trip this summer and want to take your favorite board game with you? Well, if space is an issue, you can always purchase the game as an app for your smartphone or tablet. Here are five board game apps you can play while traveling for the summer.   Elder Sign – Available in

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