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Top 5 board games on our Wall of Shame

Ah, the Wall of Shame. Everyone has one, even if we don’t want to admit it. When it comes to board games, a Wall of Shame is the wall that contains all the games you have purchased but haven’t played yet. Some of them even have the shrink-wrap still on them.

We recently posted a thread on Reddit where we asked folks what games are on their Wall of Shame. It’s interesting to see what people have failed to play. Check out the thread here.

As for us, our wall of shame is sad. Some of these games have sat for more than two years. I don’t know if we just can’t get anyone interested in playing them, or they just keep getting forgotten about it. Either way, here are our top five games on our Wall of Shame.

  1. Arkham Horror – We purchased this game as a Christmas present for my wife. She watched a Tabletop episode about it and was very interested in trying it. Sadly, it has sat on our shelf, wrapped, collecting dust. The intent is to play this game as soon as everyone’s schedule settles down. Also, we recently purchased some cool candles to go with our first time playing the game. The gang there was very helpful in letting us know what scents would work best to set the atmosphere for this game. Check them out!


  1. Star Wars: Rebellion – This one has been sitting on the shelf since January. I can’t help but feel the massiveness of this game deters our group from playing – our board game sessions on for two hours on Wednesday evenings. It might be we need to set aside time on a Saturday evening to give this one a go.


  1. Lord of the Rings – When I first decided to start The Forge Herald I purchased this game. My intent was to give it a play and write a review about it. I was hopeful it would be one of the first reviews I wrote. Sadly, I was wrong. One day we will help the Fellowship destroy the ring. One day.


  1. Settlers of Catan Explorers and Pirates – After playing Settlers of Catan, one of the people in our group complained we couldn’t play with a fifth player. So, seeking a way to remedy this, I purchased the Explorers and Pirates expansion. The box sure looks fantastic. I wonder what the rest of it looks like.


  1. Game of Thrones the board game – The oldest game in my collection. Originally purchased because I love all things Game of Thrones, this game predates the starting of this web site. This is a large game that requires a lot of focus and time to get through. As a result, it doesn’t play well with our time schedule.


What about you? What games sit on your shelves collecting dust? What games did you purchase only to stare at? Let us know in the comments below!

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