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Five gift ideas for Mother’s Day | Five gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and, if you have a gaming mom in your life, we have five gift ideas for you. These are not in any sort of order.

5. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival – I purchased this game after watching it on Wil Wheaton’s TableTop. It struck me as a game my wife would enjoy. I was right. The idea of set collecting and tile laying really appealed to her. According to her, she enjoys Lanterns because it is a more intimate game in that it maxes out at four players. She said the game is easy enough to play with our entire family (we have two teenage boys) yet complex enough to add some strategy to it. Plus, it’s a good gateway game to play with non-gamers.

4. Ticket to Ride – Since the first day we played it, my wife has loved this game. This set collecting game has also served as a gateway game for other non-gaming moms. Heck, even my mom enjoyed it! In our opinion, the United States map is the easiest to play (if you’re from the U.S. that is) but our favorite is Nordic Countries. Ticket to Ride is easy to play and learn and has a fair amount of strategy involved.

3. Bohnanza – Not sure I can count the number of times we have played this set collecting game. Again, a great gateway game that seems to draw everyone in. There is, of course, some strategy involved but the fun artwork makes it seem a little less cutthroat.  Bohnanza is a great game to play with kids, so don’t hesitate to get them involved.

2. Sushi Go! – An instant classic from the first day we played. Every time we talk about going to the pub for a drink, my wife grabs this game. She has taught our kids to play it, their friends, her friends, you name it. This is, I suspect, her favorite game. Plus, it’s inexpensive. Again, it’s a set collecting game that can be as strategic as you want it to be. The game is fast and easy and can, therefore, be played pretty much at any time.

1. Settlers of Catan – If your mom is a bit of a geek like my wife, she may already have this game. If that’s the case, then perhaps your gift is sitting down and playing. What a great gift! If she doesn’t have it, then now is the time to go pick it up. Catan is truly a great game and is, perhaps, the board game that started this whole crazy board game revolution. I know I said these were in no order, but Catan pretty much takes the cake.

So there you go, five gaming gift ideas for your mom! We had other games that didn’t quite make this list: Carcassonne, Champions of Midgard are a couple, but we felt this was a solid list in and of itself. Is there a game you think should have been on here? Let us know in the comments below.

Patrick is the publisher of The Forge Herald. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com

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