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Top 10 Modern Masters Misses | Modern Masters 2017

by Zane Rowland

Now that we’ve had a few weeks to adjust to the release of Modern Masters 2017 (MM3), I wanted to put out a quick, informative top ten list to give us an idea of how the market has reacted since its release.

Now I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea from the title of this article, let it be known that I personally, thought MM3 was spectacular! A great set with so many modern playable staples and I’m grateful that WOTC listened to the players and went above and beyond our expectations. This is simply a list to show where some higher-impact Modern cards that WEREN’T reprinted in MM3 are now currently sitting.

Some of these cards spiked as a reaction to not seeing a reprint in MM3, and some of these cards have been sitting pretty high for a while. Sadly, over half of the cards on this list are over $60, which is a pretty high price to pay for many players and only makes the format more inaccessible. Over half this list is made up of artifacts as well, which is ironic considering how Kaladesh was such an artifact heavy plane.

10. Crucible of Worlds—$64.75- Crucible is a card that doesn’t see a lot of Modern play, and I think we forget that this potent artifact is even Modern legal at times. That is until our opponent lays one down across the table from us. Personally, I’m glad the crucible doesn’t see too much Modern play, recycling Ghost Quarters every turn to get all your land nuked is a scary thought. This one may have been intentionally overlooked by the MM3 design team. Perhaps Crucible will go up even more with the new Desert cards in Amonkhet? Only time will tell.

9. Ensnaring Bridge— $40.16- Ensnaring Bridge’s price tag has sat around the $40 range for quite some time, and MM3 didn’t seem to impact it too much. Used mostly by control and Lantern players to keep an opponent’s creatures at bay, this artifact can shut some decks completely down if unanswered.

8. Horizon Canopy—$65.99- Green/White decks have become increasingly popular, and Horizon Canopy is a unique land that recycles itself for a card when you don’t need it anymore. I’ve even seen monogreen or monowhite decks take advantage of this powerful land to take their decks to the next level and get all the value possible.

7. Chalice of the Void —$65.40-The low casting cost curve of Modern’s most competitive decks are what make this artifact so powerful. Get it out early to shut down a lot of those decks that want to kill you within the first few turns, and then watch your opponent cry as they stare at their increasingly unplayable hand.

6. Mox Opal—$56.55- Affinity Staple, as well as an important piece of other decks like Cheerios and Lantern Control. Mox Opal allows for some super explosive starts that other decks just can’t match. Some have argued for the banning of the Mox, and maybe that’s why it wasn’t reprinted in MM3. Personally I’m good with it, but I think it will always remain high while it is legal.

5. Karn, Liberated —$64- Karn is one big, scary ‘walker, and a staple in Tron decks that can ramp into that kind of mana. Despite being printed in New Phyrexia and again in MM2, which brought his price tag to below $20 for a while, he continues to rise at a constant rate, you can see how much he’s risen in just the last two years.

4. Through the Breach —$53- Through the Breach has only ever been printed once in Champions of Kamigawa, and it was kind of a shock that such a popular card that is played in multiple Modern decks, (Titanshift & Grishoalbrand) did not get a reprint. The players responded and as a result, this card went through the roof. Perhaps WOTC has other plans for this fun Arcane card to see a reprint, but we can hope!

3. Engineered Explosives—$ 62.95- Engineered Explosives is played in multiple decks these days, anything from control to Bant Eldrazi. It’s versatile and can eliminate multiple threats at once, so It’s no wonder why the explosives sit so high even after being printed in MM2.2. Noble Hierarch— $60.50- Noble Hierarch is a staple and always will be. Arguably the best mana dork in Modern, her exalted ability allows her to do so much more than just tap for Bant colors. Without even trying she serves as both ramp and offense for your attackers. I would have liked to see her in MM3 as well, but understandably WOTC couldn’t print everything.

  1. Mishra’s Bauble — $44.25- The other card on this list that has only seen a single printing, a lot of people (myself included) were surprised when Mishra’s Bauble didn’t make it into MM3. When players saw that, they went bonkers, and this card hit astronomical levels. It’s also the only card on our list that is an uncommon, which is just insane. This fact, and the fact that it is such an important piece in a variety of Modern decks has earned it the #1 spot on this list.


Honorable Mentions:
Fulminator Mage —$38.00
Grove of the Burnwillows— $49.92
Celestial Colonnade—$24.95
Lotus Bloom—$17.68
Arcbound Ravager—$38.99
Inkmoth Nexus—$23.99

Well, folks, those are my top 10 Modern Masters 2017 Misses. Do you agree with my list? Anything I may have overlooked? Let me know in the comments below!

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