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5 Star Trek themed board games your group should play

With the full backing of Disney and Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars games are everywhere! From Star Wars: Imperial Assault to Star Wars: Rebellion, there is plenty of games for our force-loving fans to play. But what about those who love Star Trek?

Last night, as we opened Star Wars: Rebellion for the first time, one of our players questioned what Star Trek games are out there. So, here you go, here are five Star Trek games for you to check out! These are not presented in any order.

  1. Star Trek Panic! – Released in 2016 by Fireside Games, Star Trek Panic! Is a Castle Panic game with a Star Trek-theme. This co-operative game has the players working together as the crew of the original Enterprise to protect the ship from alien (Romulan, Klingon, etc) attacks.


  1. Star Trek: Ascendancy – Also released in 2016, Ascendancy is designed for 2-3 players. This Gale Force Nine game has a running time of 90-120 minutes. This game has the players exploring the galaxy, expanding empires and even engaging in conflict. According to comments on Boardgamegeek.com, this game is highly thematic and deeply immersive in the Star Trek universe.


  1. Star Trek Catan – It’s Settles of Catan with a Star Trek theme! Players build routes (roads) and build up their space stations while collecting resources. The game plays much like Settlers of Catan with the big difference being you have Star Trek, The Original Series crew members that you are portraying. Each of them have a special ability that can be used during the game.
  1. Star Trek: Frontiers – Another 2016 release, Star Trek: Frontiers is published by WizKids. This game uses the tile mapping system introduced by the popular game, Mage Knight. According to the description, players portray the Federation or the Klingon Empire as they investigate a new section of space while timidly holding on to a treaty between the two factions.
  1. Star Trek: Fleet Captains – Another WizKid release, this one from 2011, Star Trek: Fleet Captains draws on another WizKids norm, click bases, similar to those found in HeroClix. Fleet Captains again has the players taking on the roles of one of the races in the Star Trek universe. Players draft their ships and then set off on missions to score victory points. Fleet Captains has expansions introducing different races to the game.


So, there you go! Five Star Trek-themed games for you and your group to try. Of the games on this list, we have tried Star Trek Catan and Star Trek Panic! Both were well worth bringing to the table!

If you give any of these games a try, or you have tried them, leave a message in the comments to let us know how they are.

Patrick Cossel is the Publisher of the Forge Herald. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com

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