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Top 5 MicroGames to take to the pub

Grabbing a game and heading to the local brew pub has become one my favorite things to do – just make sure you avoid open mic night! While awesome to take those large-scale games (Blood Rage, Settlers of Catan, Champions of Midgard), it sometimes more feasible to take a MicroGame instead. That being said, here are the top five MicroGames we like to take to the pub!

5. Exploding Kittens – This game is simple to play and fun to look at. Exploding Kittens pounced onto our game shelf this past year. We’ve played it several times and each time ends in laughter. It is simple to teach and the play structure is easy enough that a couple of brews shouldn’t slow you down. And, since you’re playing at the pub, you might as well play the NSFW version.

4. FLUXX – There are, of course, several version of this game and all of them play a little different based on the theme. Whichever version you play, it’s sure to keep you on your toes. As the game says, the rules are always in flux so make sure you pay attention. I would imagine this game will become pretty humorous after a pint or two.

3. Pixel Glory – Oh the days of Nintendo and Atari, how do I miss thee! Pixel Glory has a few more pieces than the other games on the list, but I would still classify it as a MicroGame. Become the hero of the village as you slay monsters and take on the final boss. This one is simple and enjoyable to play.

2. Guillotine – Off with their head! Well, sort off. Based on the French Revolution, Guillotine is a quick and easy card game that appeals to more than just your hardcore board gamers. We have taught it to a few players that would otherwise not be interested in games with some success. The art is fun and the rules are easy to understand.

1. Sushi Go! – What’s not fun about building the best plate of Sushi possible? Sushi Go quickly climbed the ranks of one of our favorite games. We have taught our kids as well as friends, and have played it at the pub, in the park, and at home. This is our go-to game when we want something quick and simple that travels easy.

That’s our five favorite MicroGames to take the pub. What about you? What games do you take? Let us know in the comments below!


Patrick Cossel is the Publisher of The Forge Herald. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com


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