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Taking second with Miracles (FNM)

Legacy was on draft last night for FNM at The Sports Alley here in Sheridan, Wyoming. Legacy is not a format we play often, but we felt it was time to give it a go. In total, we had nine players. Not the best turnout but certainly not the worse.

Of the decks represented, we had two legacy pauper decks, Esper Stoneblade, Miracles (the deck I was playing), Maverick, Tin Fins, a homebrew reanimator, a homebrew B/R aggro deck, and a standard deck.

We went four rounds with Esper Stoneblade taking first and me taking second. Here’s what I played.

Round one – bye. The sad act with having odd numbers in the event, someone gets a bye. That, someone, was sadly me. Oh well, I got to watch others play.

Round 2 – Esper Stoneblade. My friend Josh was on his Esper build (pretty sure that’s his middle name) and, like he does, he played it well. Our first game was frustrating as, even with my Counter/Top combo in place, I couldn’t shut down anything. Why? Because I topdecked a whole lot of land. For game two I boarded out three lands and brought in 2 Red Elemental Blast and a Vendillion Clique. 

This was a long, drawn out game but Josh ended up taking it, 2-0. I was pleased with Red Elemental Blast out of the board as I was able to use it to counter his Force of Will twice, so that was pleasing. I have to say, Josh and I have played each other a lot and, without a doubt, this was the most fun I have had playing him. We both had a “we just want to have fun” attitude and it showed. Josh continues to have the upper hand against me, but that will even out I am sure. 

Round 3 – mono blue Delver. Schuyler was playing a mono-blue Delver pauper deck and appeared to be having fun with it. During game one he was able to flip Delver quickly and had me on the ropes. I eventually stabilized with some well-timed Swords to Plowshares and Terminus before taking over and winning on the back of Monk tokens with Prowess.

Post sideboard I brought in the exact same thing I did in the previous round. Again, the Red Elemental Blasts were productive. I ended up taking this game by using Jace, The Mind Sculptor’s ultimate ability. Once I did this Schuyler conceded as he had nothing left to draw. Despite only playing two games, our match went long, but not quite to time. Again, it was just a fun match against a good local player. Schuyler reinforced my thoughts that I really dislike Delver of Secrets.

Round 4 -B/R Aggro. Playing a B/R/ homebrew aggro deck was our buddy, Hutch. Hutch has a toddler at home so he doesn’t get to come play as often as we and he would like. Still, he snuck away for a bit to come turn some cards sideways.

Much like my match against Schuyler, Hutch quickly chipped away at my life. I thought I could stabilize like I did in the previous match but no dice. Hutch took it from me.

For this match, I brought in 2 Chill, 2 Blue Elemental Blast, and the Clique. All of these cards did some work except the Clique. In fact, I never saw a Clique all night.

Hutch punched away at my life total and had me to three before I stabilized. I got the counter/top combo in play and eventually set up an Entreat the angels for four. It turned the game quickly and I pulled out the win.

In the third game, I was able to jam a turn four Jace, the counter/top lock by turn five, and even had a Mentor in play. We went back and forth for a bit before I finally ultimated Jace, Hutch had a full hand as he was drawing a lot of lands, and then cast and drew Sensei’s Divining Top to trigger prowess a lot. I pulled out the win, 2-1.

So I finished up the night 3-1. I really don’t like getting the bye, but if it’s going to happen I want it in the first round. We didn’t exactly have a huge turnout but, overall, I am pleased. I ended up lending out two decks (Tin Fins and Maverick) in order to help people come out and play. I am glad I did. I think the thing that pleased me most, though, is hearing people say they want to build a Legacy and were asking what’s the cheapest way to do it.

Did you play FNM last night? What did you play? Let us know in the comments below.

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