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Wickerflame is awesome!

It is possible I have found a new favorite Hearthstone card. What is it? Wickerflame Burnbristle. This guy is simply awesome.

So, Wickerflame, is a 3-drop, Paladin only minion that debuted in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It is a 2/2 with Taunt and Divine Shield, and it has the ability “Damage dealt by this minion also heals your hero.”

So good!

Wickerflame, when paired with Blessing of Might can and often is, a game changer. Having the ability to heal for five is awesome and can save your life.

This morning, I played against a Rogue deck and was able to recover by getting this little combo in play. It helped tremendously that the Rogue was either out of or couldn’t draw a kill spell. Win for me!

With this new found love of this fiery dwarf, I decided it is time to start pushing Wickerfl … er … paladin to gold. (current wins – 277). Originally I was thinking I would try to hit gold with Warlock, but I really like Wickerflame.

So here is the deck I am playing.

Aside from Wickerflame, the deck can go wide, late game, with Don Han’Cho and Leeroy Jenkins. Just imagine Casting Don Han’Cho with just Leeroy in hand. Then, on the subsequent turn casting said Leeroy and dropping Blessing of Might on him. Dang!

I have a lot of work to do with this deck as I have only played it five times. I am not sure what opening hands are keepers yet against what deck, and so on. Plus, I am not sure the build is where it needs to be. So it’s going to be a learning process.

Got any suggestions for the deck? Let me know in the comments below.


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