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Top seven Aether Revolt Honorable Mentions for Modern

Two days before its official release, Aether Revolt is already making waves online. Players are talking about potential cards and even brewing entirely new decks that could spring up in Modern starting on Friday.

On Thursday, I’m going to tell you what 7 Aether Revolt cards I believe hold the most potential for making an impact on the Modern format, but to hold you over until then I’m going to give you a list of 7 cards that didn’t quite make the cut. That’s right, the following cards are honorable mentions because while I believe they do have potential, ultimately I couldn’t find a place for them in the format or they fell short because they were too difficult to play, or not powerful enough.

Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

Metallic Mimic– Imagine dropping this guy on turn two then playing a Lingering Souls or Spectral Procession on turn three. Raise the Alarm gives you four power at instant speed for only two mana. How about in Eldrazi Aggro? Eldrazi Skyspawner becomes much more of a threat, and Eldrazi Scions double in power. Because this guy puts counters on other creatures that don’t go away, his bonus will stick around even after he leaves the battlefield, unlike your typical lord. This guy can make any tribal deck a potent threat if he’s played early and allowed to stick around. The problem is if you don’t draw him early on, he’s not going to do anybody on your team any good.

Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

Narnam Renegade– In many ways, this elf is better than the classic Kird Ape. His tribe is relevant, and he has deathtouch, which means he can trade with most other creatures and can be stronger late game. Revolt is fairly easy to trigger in Modern, but still, that inconsistency is always going to be there, even with 8-12 fetchlands in your deck, as well as removal spells. If you top deck him with no an empty hand and no fetches in play, you might just stare at his one power and ask yourself why you didn’t just play with the ape. Sadly, even Kird Ape hasn’t seen much play in Modern lately, and Naya Zoo decks aren’t as prevalent as they used to be. Oftentimes Kird Ape gets overshadowed by cards like Wild Nacatyl, Goblin Guide or Monastery Swiftspear that are just faster.

Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

Planar Bridge– I’m thinking this could be a one of in some Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas decks or Tron decks, and more specifically Blue Tron decks because their games run long and play lots of counters. Planar Bridge tutors up instant speed, uncounterable bombs to end the game. Ever heard the phrase, “end of turn Karn/Wurmcoil/Emrakul?” You will.

Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

Scrap Trawler– I can honestly say that thinking about this card’s potential has been making my head hurt! I can’t figure out if this is a $1 rare or a $10 one. This is one of those cards that I think Affinity players look at have got to be asking themselves whether it could take the place of an Etched Champion in such an Eldrazi heavy format. Combos with Sculpting Steel and Phyrexian Metamorph if they’re copying something more expensive. Double up on Arcbound Ravager activations, and pull off some Ornithopter/Memnite/Mox shenanigans. Definitely going to grab myself a playset just in case.

Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

Pia’s Revolution– Man, Pia is giving us something super spicy to cook with! This is one of those cards that would be a lot of fun to brew around. Mix it with Arcbound Ravager and/or Disciple of the Vault and a bunch of cheap artifacts and you’ve got yourself a recipe for victory or at least good fun.

Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

Paradox Engine– In many sets, Wizards prints a few Mythics that have no future in constructed formats. It’s hard to tell whether this will turn out to be one of those or not. I don’t see this 5 drop artifact fitting into any current Modern deck, which means if it’s going to have an impact in Modern it’d have to be part of an all new deck. I could envision this in a deck that capitalized on mana rocks and Borderposts to pump out some high costed spells, or throw in Isochron Scepters to activate it infinitely.

Courtesy Wizards of the Coast

Maulfist Revolutionary– Finally, we see the Master Chief without his helmet! Oh wait, I’m getting my nerd hobbies mixed up. Not only is this guy a solid 3/3 trampler for 3, he wants you to imagine all the possibilities his ability could trigger. +1/+1 counters, charge counters, planeswalker loyalty counters, poison counters for your opponent, the list goes on!

Other Modern combos at a glance:

Felidar Guardian+Saheeli Rai

Lifecraft Awakening+Darksteel Citidel

Hidden Herbalists+Myr Superion/Burning Tree-Tree Emissary

Trophy Mage+Ensaring Bridge/Swords/Crucible of Worlds

Crackdown Construct+Lightning Greaves/Shuko/Wandering Fumarole/Kazuull’s Toll Collector/Outrider en-kor

Consulate Dreadnought+Siege Modification

Animation Module+Metallic Mimic

Hardened Scales+Greenwheel Liberator/Narnam Renegade

Maulfist Revolutionary+Venser, the Sojourner

Saffi Ericksdotter+Renegade Rallier

Secret Salvage+Relentless Rats/Shadowborn Apostle/Hedron Alignment

Thanks for stopping guys, and post any combos of your own using Aether Revolt cards below, as well as comments on whether you think the cards on this list were worthy of an honorable mention or should’ve been ranked even higher. Anything I completely overlooked? Tell me what you think!

I’m Zane, bringing you deck brews tier two through twenty-two since 2011. I won’t bore you with all that tier one nonsense! Thanks for stopping guys, post questions or comments below!



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