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Top games we played in 2016

In 2016 we played a lot of games. We played board games, card games, dice games, and computer games. We played games with friends, on tablets, and at tournaments. But what were the games we played the most? Here is a look at the top ten games we played in 2016.

Mars Attacks: The Dice Game – This was introduced to us by a member of the Forge Herald crew. It’s quick, easy to play, simple set up, and is fun. This Steve Jackson game brought about cries of “Detroit in one” and “dang, I nuked out,” that was often heard as we chucked the dice trying to destroy the world.

Zombie Dice – Much like Mars Attacks, Zombie Dice is a simple and fun game to play. More than once my wife would throw this game in a bag for family outings and cook-outs. I am fairly certain we taught more people to play Zombie Dice than any other game this year. Also a Steve Jackson game, Zombie Dice is great for hardcore board gamers and non-hardcore board gamers alike.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer – this game quickly became one of my favorite games that we played in 2016. I took this game to a couple of Magic: The Gathering tournaments to play with people that had washed out but were waiting around for friends. Easy to learn and easy to set up, Ascension was a hit with the MtG players. The drafting and deck building mechanics made this game appealing. The artwork is excellent and expansions abound.

Sushi Go! – Talk about easy! This drafting game was a hit with my wife. In the last month alone I would wager we have played this game at least five times. The goofy, but kind-friendly artwork extremely simple rules, and simple game play made this game an easy one to teach to anyone. This game quickly became a gateway game for us as we used it to introduce new people to the hobby.

Ticket to Ride – No other board game got as much play in my house as this one. In 2016 we learned how to play Ticket to Ride (America) and then subsequently bought four expansions for it. All of which have been played multiple times. I would wager December is the first month we didn’t play this game in board game form. We did, however, play it on my tablet … a lot. Ticket to Ride is another game we used as a gateway for those not in the hobby or not accustomed to playing anything other than Monopoly.

Pandemic – Of all the coop games we played by Matt Leacock, Pandemic was our favorite and most played. This game surely beat us more than we beat it, but man did we give it hell. Pandemic taught us that we not only love coop games, but we love games that test us. We are lucky to have a good group of gamers as we played this with all of them. It was definitely the game that helped us get through winter.

Dungeons and Dragons – What was supposed to be a once-a-month session quickly grew to twice a week for us. From owning just the Player’s Handbook to having almost everything published for 5E, Dungeons and Dragons is our go-to game on Sunday. Our group of seven players has taken to interacting in a Facebook channel set up for the group, just to stay active. We started our campaign in Ravenloft with Curse of Strahd and are now looking at whether we continue on with our current characters or start over. It’s been great to rekindle my love for this game.

And finally, the game that was played the most at The Forge Herald gaming centers (A.K.A. my house).

Magic: The Gathering. From Legacy to Standard and all the way to Commander, we played Magic. We did booster drafts when I returned from Grand Prix: Los Angeles and again when Conspiracy: Take the Crown came out, we tested Modern and Standard decks as we prepared for various tournaments – sometimes we tested Legacy, too. If we weren’t playing, we were often talking about it. Magic was, without a doubt, the top played

What about you? What games did you play a lot this year? Did any of them match our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Patrick Cossel is the publisher of The Forge Herald. He is a father, husband, writer, gamer, and level 1 Magic judge. Professionally he is the Operations Manager for a family owned newspaper company. He can be contacted at pcossel@gmail.com

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