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Our top 6 interesting green cards in Modern

Alright, so, full disclosure, this isn’t going to be just the top 6 green cards in Modern. Instead, Zane and I decided we take some of the best green cards in the format that may be a little confusing. Why? Well, we feel a more informed player is a better player.

So let’s start with Patrick’s favorite, Tarmogoyf.

Tarmogoyf – the quintessential green creature. This guy is cheap (1G) grows big, and is hard to kill. You would think that a creature that can enter the battlefield as a 0/1 wouldn’t be that difficult to take care of, but, and this goes especially for you Burn players, Tarmogoyf is no slouch. The trick with this Lhurgoyf is he gets bigger depending on the types of cards in the ALL graveyards, not just your own. Plus, when you burn him with your Lightning Bolt, if there was no instant in the graveyard before you cast it, you just made him bigger and potentially out of lethal damage. The reason for this? State-based actions kill creatures, not spells. So, when state-based actions check (after the resolution of the spell and the card is in the graveyard) Tarmogoyf’s power/toughness is figured. So that 2/3 ‘goyf that you thought you could kill, is actually a 3/4 ‘goyf with 3 damage marked on it.

Vines of Vastwood – a favorite of the Infect player, Vines of Vastwood is a great card that can be used defensively as well as offensively. When it comes to putting an Infect creature over the threshold to lethal damage, Vines of Vastwood really does the trick. Initially, you cast the card to offer your creature some level of protection but you follow it up with the Kicker cost to add that spicy +4/+4. This is all well and good, but Vines has another function. Let’s say you are playing someone in the mirror. They swing with their Glistener Elf and then attempt to pump it with a pump spell. If you respond to their spell by casting your Vines of Vastwood on their creature, they can no longer pump it up that turn. Responding is everything here and if they respond with a Vines of their own you are out of luck. But this holds true in so many cases. A player is about to go wide with a pump spell against you so you drop the Vines on it to stop it from happening. Defense!

Melira, Sylvok Outcast – This will be one of a couple of cards from the Abzan Company deck we will be talking about. This lady is the lynchpin on the Abzan Company decks and the Birthing pod decks before it. Melira makes it so you can’t get poison counters (great against the above mentioned Infect deck!) AND makes it so your creatures can’t have -1/-1 counters. This means when that Kitchen Finks or Murderous Redcap return to the battlefield from the graveyard, they don’t receive the negative counters. And, since they don’t have negative counters, they can be sacked at will to gain life (Finks) or to deal damage (Redcap). Without her, the combo has no functionality. Now, add to this her last ability removing Infect from your opponent’s creatures and this Human Scout is worth her weight in gold.

Chord of Calling – Like Melira, Chord of Calling is a staple in the Abzan Company decks and the Birthing Pods decks of old. This is the best creature tutor spell in Modern for four reasons. First, it’s an instant. This means you can finish your combo when your opponent least expects it, at the end of their turn, or responding to any spell. Secondly, Convoke. Convoke allows you to tap creatures to help pay for all or some of its mana cost. The creatures can be of any color but must be the same color as the spell if you want to pay for specific mana colors of the spell. This means even if you’re tapped out but have a few creatures up, you still get to play Magic, a feat usually reserved for Legacy players. Next, the creature goes directly onto the battlefield. Not in your hand, not on top of your deck, DIRECTLY INTO PLAY. Lastly, it has the ability to tutor up any creature. The ‘X’ mana cost makes this tutor extremely versatile. It can search up anything from Dryad Arbor to Emrakul as long as you can pay the cost. There’s no CMC, color or creature type restrictions, which means Chord of Calling is the ultimate creature combo enabler in Modern.

Collected Company – The newest card on this list, Collected Company was once a Standard gem that found a solid home in Modern even before rotation. In the right deck, this card can be easily overpowering, getting so much value just for playing one spell. When used in conjunction with Eternal Witness, you get to Coco for days. It’s a card that, like Vines of Vastwood, is all about timing. Since it’s an instant, you can cast it after your opponent swings into your empty board to suddenly have blockers or on the end step of their turn to get in for lethal on your turn. Also used as a creature combo enabler, this card will let you dig down deep to get two pieces you really need, and players who have never experienced it will be asking themselves what just happened.

Primeval Titan – It’s Prime Time baby! A 6/6 Trample for 5G with two triggered abilities? Yes Please! Without question the most powerful and most popular of this Mythic Giant cycle, Primeval Titan has the ability to tutor up ANY TWO lands from your deck upon entering the battlefield AND whenever he attacks! That’s some major ramp! Magic has been around a long time, and because of that, there’s a lot of lands that you can put onto the battlefield that will do just about anything you want to do. Most recently, Primeval has been showing up in decks that play Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in order to just kill your opponent from all the damage triggers from Mountains entering play. Seems like a good strategy to us! To add to the shenanigans, Through the Breach allows Primeval Titan to be played for 4R at instant speed with haste. Basically doing everything you wanted it to do anyways to get all those triggers.

Think we forgot something? Let us know in the comments! To see what the top green cards played in Modern, be sure to check out MtG Goldfish.

I’m Zane, bringing you deck brews tier two through twenty-two since 2011. I won’t bore you with all that tier one nonsense! Thanks for stopping guys, post questions or comments below!

 Patrick Cossel is the Publisher of The Forge Herald. He is a writer, gamer, husband, father, and Level 1 Magic Judge. Professionally he is the Operations Manager for a family-owned newspaper company. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com


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