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Welcome aboard, Rival’s Duel podcast

We would like to take a moment to welcome to the Forge Herald, Rival’s Duel. Rival’s Duel is a MtG Commander podcast hosted by Nole Clauson and Eric Bonvie. Be sure to give them a listen!

Rival’s Duel

Hello and welcome to our regularly scheduled episode of Rival’s Duel. The rivals are back and they are trying something new. Most of the time when Eric and Nole take on a let’s build, it’s with a little bit of prep-work, or at least knowing what commander they are building. This time is different, as they have gone to EDHREC and hit the random button until they found a general that was somewhat interesting and somewhat not awful (Sorry to all you Lady of the Mountain fans). They finally settled on a little known (and we’ll admit it, probably tier 2 at best) Blue horse spirit from Kamigawa, because of course it’s from Kamigawa. Did our Rivals do justice to Cloudhoof Kirin? What did they miss in their flash building session? Give them a listen and let them know in the comments below. As always full shownotes after the break.

Listen here

Intro: We’ve had a chance to play with the commander 2016 decks and have some more thoughts on them. We also take some time to respond to a comment from our last episode about Breya.

Main Topic: Let’s Build Live! – So, rather than have a detailed plan for this episode, Eric and Nole tried something new. We’ve tried to live build a commander deck, from choosing the general at random, to outlining specific themes and paths to victory, to finally selecting individual cards, both obvious and not. Check out the Rival’s Duel facebook page for a complete decklist.


Contact Eric: ericbonvie@gmail.com // @thatbonvieguy

Contact Nole: noleclauson@gmail.com // @MtGNole

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