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Odd Characters for Odd Games

Hello everyone, Chock here, and I apologize for being so absent lately. I’ve had some difficulty carving out some time for anything other than my normal routine the last few months, but I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. While we have stuck to our adventure group every week, it’s been hit and miss as to which campaign we play each week.

Last week, our group found ourselves in a bit of a dilemma. A few people in our group were unable to attend due to some work scheduling difficulties (thanks, Christmas season!). After a bit of a deliberation, Cody decided to start yet another campaign but decided to go with the written story this time, the Curse of Strahd. While I won’t reveal anything to you about the story, I did want to touch with you on something regarding characters. I find these awkward times to be the best times to create some strange characters, and I’ll explain what I mean by that.

In typical Cody fashion, everything about creating our characters was random. He had us all roll dice for our stats, which class we were, and our race. I ended up being a dragonborn necromancer. I’m not usually a spellcaster, and I haven’t played one in a while, so this is going to be a challenge for me.

Since we didn’t have time to come up with backstory, I ended up making one up during a conversation during my introduction with another player right from the beginning. Lately, I’ve had a bit of an infatuation with Plague Doctors. You know, the creepy dudes with the giant beak masks from the time of the Black Death? I dig ’em for some odd reason.

So this game, I decided my character was going to always wear a mask. Not because he’s a particularly ugly person, (actually, I ended up with an 18 charisma) but because he’s a necromancer who hates the smell of dead people. Apparently, after working in a graveyard for a number of years, you decide that you don’t like certain smells. This creates a bit of a problem though, since he tends to forget that his mask makes it difficult to understand him.

I could run the typical “I like dead things” kind of necromancer, but that’s just not my style. I like different characters. I feel like in the days when adventuring was a regularly occurring thing, there’d be some strange characters out there that didn’t always fit the bill. While I realize that this is a fantasy world, I think that those little tweaks on your typical character are what make half of the role playing fun in the campaign with other players.

Maybe it’s the die hard role player that I’m attempting to become, or because it’s because I’ve grown tired of your run of the mill characters, but I’ve gotten bored with playing a fighter that acts like a vanilla fighter, a rogue that acts like a generic thief, a wizard that wants to try to be Gandalf, etc. I can only play those characters so many times before I get bored,  and adding a little interesting flair tends to make myself and the party more involved in the story, because now there’s not telling what I’m going to do. I’ve already proven to be a wee bit off my rocker, so maybe I’ll keep being that way around one of these turns just to make things a bit more interesting.

So to all of you who play those characters that are just a bit odd, know that you are in good company. It’s been catching on in our campaigns and will most likely be catching on in others

Good luck to all of you and remember that role playing is also quite useful outside of the bedroom. Happy gaming!


Chock Schmidt is the head RPG writer for The Forge Herald when he’s not slaving away for the man. He’s been slaving away for the man a lot lately, so please forgive him for his lack of articles.

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