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TableTop Season 4 is coming with a catch

The release date for TableTop season four was just announced and, while I was extremely excited, my enthusiasm is tempered.

Tabletop season 4 is slated to drop for Youtube viewers, tomorrow, Nov. 2. The second episode will follow on Nov. 9. After that, each subsequent episode will initially, only be available on the new subscription service, Alpha. Those not wanting to subscribe can view the rest of the Tabletop episodes on Youtube in early 2017. This is where my enthusiasm is tempered.

So what is Alpha?

According to nerdist.com Alpha is a new, interactive membership service. The Nerdist posted on June 10, 2016, that this service would soon be available to fans. At that time, they were allowing people to sign up for early registration. A quick search indicated this is still the case.

According to a Sept. 28, 2016, article posted by Variety.com, Alpha is going to cost $4.99/month and will launch Nov. 3.

So, if you feel like adding another service to your network of entertainment choices, Alpha may be a good choice. Otherwise, be patient and wait until after the first of the year.

Patrick Cossel is the Publisher of the Forge Herald. He is a writer, gamer, father, husband, and Level 1 Magic Judge. Professionally he is the Operations Manager for a family-owned newspaper company. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com

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