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Smuggling artifacts

Hello, Forge Heralders! It’s time once again for me to take a look at some Magic rules and give you some rules explanations. If you’re a level 1 Magic judge working towards Level 2, this could be right up your alley. To kick us off, I want to take a look at Protection versus cards

DiY Dice trays

I decided to try a little DiY project this weekend and make dice trays for my D&D group. What is a dice tray? A dice try is a little box-like try that you can roll your dice into. Because of the raised edges, it helps to prevent your dice from rolling all across the table

Once a month game grows to weekly session

“Why aren’t we playing D&D?” That’s the question that was asked of me as we wrapped up our second play through of Castle Ravenloft, at The Forge Herald Game Center. Frankly, I had no answer. My response was some garbled mess of “because we don’t.” That didn’t bode well for the rest of the group.

Monster Manual Holiday giveaway!

After a successful contest celebrating our first year, we decided to do another one. This time we are giving away a new copy of the 5e Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual! Enter now! Shipping will be done before Christmas. Click here to enter      

Review: Dead of Winter

“It was simple really, we couldn’t afford to feed her. Further, she hid her pregnancy from the rest of the camp. She knew having a noisy baby could alert the attention of zombies. What could we do? The camp leaders, all four of them gathered around the burn barrel and discussed how best to handle

Review: Spyfall

We took the weekend and met up with a friend of the Forge Herald to play some games. First up in his bag of goodies, Spyfall. Spyfall is a deduction/role play game that has the players trying to determine who is the spy in their group. Spyfall is published by Cryptozoic Entertainment (and many others

Review: Gloom

We wrapped up our October with a streak of horror-themed games. As we cracked the seal on November, we decided to keep the theme going as we settled in to play Gloom. Gloom was published in 2005 by Atlas Games. It is designed by Keith Baker with art by Michelle Nephew and J. Scott Reeves.

A Note from the Publisher

It’s been a year. A year since I decided I wanted to create a blog about gaming. While we didn’t grow at exponential rates, nor are we all millionaires (not even close!) we did see some growth and some changes. When we first started out it was just me attempting to write about things I

TableTop Season 4 is coming with a catch

The release date for TableTop season four was just announced and, while I was extremely excited, my enthusiasm is tempered. Tabletop season 4 is slated to drop for Youtube viewers, tomorrow, Nov. 2. The second episode will follow on Nov. 9. After that, each subsequent episode will initially, only be available on the new subscription

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