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Review: Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG

conquestWith Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop announcing their parting of ways, it was time we grabbed a copy of one of the Warhammer games before it was too late. Our choice, Conquest.

Conquest is a two-player Living Card Game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You and your opponent take on the roll of a warlord as you battle for control of the Traxis sector. You use cards to deploy troops, equipment, or events as you fight to control the planets on the sector.

The game comes with decks for seven different factions of the 40k universe: Orks, Dark Eldar, Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Astra Militarium, Eldar, and Tau. Each player chooses which one they would like to play.

The game is designed by Brad Andres, Nate French, and Eric M. Lang. Art is done by Victor Perez Corbella, and Alex Drummond.

Set up
After deciding who is playing what deck, you will need to shuffle the planet deck and deal out seven cards placed in the middle of the board with five of them face up. These represent the planets you will be warring across.

Next, determine who is going first and give them the initiative token. Each person should have one Command Dial placed in front of them, too.

Make sure all tokens are within reach of each player and then draw seven cards from your deck.

Last, each player draws resources from the token bank equal to the resource symbol on their warlord.

Each player takes their turn in a series of phases; Deploy, Command, Combat, Headquarters. The player with the initiative token starts by deploying their troops first during the deployment phase. After all players deploy their troops/equipment, the Command phase begins.

The Command phase is when you get to move your warlord to add his influence to a contested or uncontested planet. You do this by selecting a number on the Command dial secretly. Once both players have chosen a number, the dial is revealed and the warlord moved to the corresponding planet.

Once the warlord is moved, it’s time for the Combat phase.

The Combat phase is where all the action takes place. You do combat based on where your troops are placed. If you have troops deployed to a planet that your opponent does, a fight will ensue. There is more to combat than I want to go into here, but suffice to say the end result is either you or your opponent retreating from a planet or taking control of a planet.

Finally, we move to the Headquarter phase. This is when you get resources and draw any bonus cards.

Once both players have finished their actions in the Headquarter phase, you pass the initiative token to your opponent and you begin a new turn.

Overall, I really enjoyed this game. Full disclosure, we played this game completely wrong. It wasn’t until I watched the video released by Fantasy Flight Games that I learned the correct way to play. That being said, the biggest downfall of the game is the muddled rule book. I highly suggest you read the rules as well as watch the video. Further, keep the rule book handy the first few times you play.

The game is an LCG so this means you can expand your game by buying expansion packs; however, you can play with just the core set.

The huge plus for the game is the awesome artwork. The cards look amazing. Remember, Fantasy Flight is parting ways with Game Workshop, so make sure to make your purchases soon.

Score 8.3/10


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