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Review – Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas

Are you a fan of Munchkin? Are you a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas? Well, you should love Munchkin: Nightmare nightmareBefore Christmas!

With most of our gamers having to miss our weekly game night, we decided to keep it simple and play a game we already know, Munchkin. Only, we wanted to keep it Halloween themed so we grabbed our unopened copy of Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas.

The version of Munchkin was published in 2015 by USAopoly and Steve Jackson Games.

If you are familiar with the Munchkin games, there isn’t much here for you. There is the addition of vehicles, which is just another form of equipment that can give you bonuses.

If you have never played Munchkin and have purchased this game, or are considering purchasing the game, then please, read on.

The game is designed for 3-6 players and has a play time of 60-120 minutes. I have played several games of Munchkin and have rarely seen it go longer than 90 minutes. The game is based on Munchkin, originally designed by Steve Jackson.

Set up
Shuffle the Door and Treasure decks. Then, deal out four cards from each deck to each player. This will be their opening hand. Next, place the decks in the middle of the table within reach of each player. Roll a dice to see who goes first. Or, perhaps you prefer another way of determining the first player, whatever you do is fine. You are now ready to begin the game.

You begin your turn by “kicking down the door.” This means you flip the top card of the Door deck and reveal it to the group. If it a monster or a Curse card play it right away. If not, put the card in your hand. If you do not reveal a monster, you can now Look for Trouble or Loot the Room.


The door deck. You start your turn by Kicking Down the Door.

If you Look for Trouble you play a monster from your hand and fight it. To fight a Monster you add your level plus bonuses from equipment, Rides, and One Shot cards and compare it to the monster’s level. If you are above it, you win! Collect the treasure and level. If your number is equal to or less than the monster, you lose. You must now attempt to run away or suffer the “Bad Stuff.”

Keep in mind, your opponents don’t want you to win the fight and they can do things to modify either yours or the monster’s level.

If you Loot the Room you draw a card from the Door deck and put it in your hand. You can play the card if you so choose.

To end your turn, you discard down to five cards and pass the turn.

Winning the game
To win the game you must reach level 10 before anyone else. Remember, you can achieve levels through cards, selling equipment, and fighting; however, the only way to reach level 10 is to defeat a monster.


The full line of the all stars of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Like all Munchkin games, Nightmare Before Christmas is a lot of fun. The addition of Rides is interesting and helps you to defeat those high-level monsters. In the end, though, it’s just another Munchkin game. Don’t get me wrong, we love Munchkin and this is a nifty spin on the already fun game. The artwork very much compliments the theme of the game and is not just movie stills. Which I was afraid they would be.

Score 6.8/10

Patrick Steam punkPatrick Cossel is the Publisher of the Forge Herald. He is a writer, gamer, father, husband, and Level 1 Magic Judge. Professionally he is the Operations Manager for a family-owned newspaper company. He can be reached at pcossel@gmail.com


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