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Buckle up, we are hitting the rules road

Kaladesh has been laying tracks all over the place and with a new set comes a few new questions about rules. We asked our readers what rules questions they have about Kaladesh. So strap on your goggles as we join the crew and hit the road.

Gage asks, “Please explain how summoning sickness works with vehicles.”smugglers-copter
Sure thing, Gage. As a vehicle enters play, it enters as an artifact. It is not animated at this time, therefore, not a creature. When you Crew the vehicle, it becomes a creature. Now, you can crew a vehicle the turn it comes into play which will indeed turn it into a creature but don’t step on the throttle just yet. Because you have not controlled the permanent since your upkeep, it does indeed have summoning sickness. So no rushing in full speed ahead until next turn.

A quick side note: You can use a creature with summoning sickness to crew a vehicle. Remember, a creature with summoning sickness can be tapped to pay a cost that’s not their own ability.

Jesse asks, “When I cast Torrential Gearhulk and have it cast Engulf the Shore if I have 6 or more Islands does it return the Gearhulk?”
It sure does. The Gearhulk’s triggered ability is an Enter the Battlefied ability. As such, it waits until the titan is on the board before it triggers. When Engulf the Shore resolves, based on the number of Islands you have in play, your Gearhulk is headed back to your hand waiting to re-appear at a later time.

kambalJesse follows up his questions with another one, “If I cast an Engulf the Shore with at least 4 Islands and my opponent has a Kambal, Consul of Allocation and a Cliffhaven Vampire I would lose 3 three life, and they would gain the two life, correct?”
Correct! When you cast Engulf the Shore, it does cause Kambal’s ability to trigger. Kambal’s ability will resolve before Engulf the Shore. When Kambal’s ability resolves, it causes the Cliffhaven Vampire’s ability to trigger. So, when the dust settles on everything you lose the three life (two for Kambal’s trigger and one for Cliffhaven Vampire) and your opponent gains two life.

Michaele wants to know, “what is the correct way to Stifle the Crewing of a vehicle?
Crew is a new ability that premiered in Kaladesh. To Crew a vehicle, you have to tap a creature with power equal or greater than the Crew requirements. It reads Crew N (tap any number of untapped creatures you control with total power N or greater:) The important thing to realize is that we know Crew is an activated ability because it is written as Cost: Effect

Since Stifle says to counter target triggered or activated ability, you will need to respond to the activation of Crew. So basically your opponent says something like, “Tap this creature to Crew my Smuggler’s Copter.” You follow up with, “Response. Stifle the Crew ability.” Once this is done, the Crew ability is countered. That is until they tap another creature and Crew it again.

Aaron asks, “can you please explain priority? Specifically, when a planeswalker enters the battlefield. Can I use its ability before my opponent can destroy it?
Let’s take a look at this. First, priority is a bit more complicated than I am going to describe. But, the short of it is, when a spell we cast resolves, we get priority immediately after. This means when you cast a Planeswalker and it resolves, there is no opportunity for your opponent to destroy it before you use one of its abilities.

To learn what the CR has to say about priority, check out CR 116.

Lastly, fellow Judge, Aaron Chism, mentioned writing about the shortcutting the beginning of combat step as it pertains to vehicles.
Good point Aaron. Let me see what we can do about this. First, Level three Judges Kevin Desprez and Toby Elliot have both written about this. I strongly urge you to read their posts as they are far better about writing about these things than I.

Essentially, we need to be careful about how we move to combat with the vehicles we intend to Crew. If we say, “Move to combat, attack with X and X, tap X to Crew this vehicle and attack,” That’s technically not correct.

Instead, we should be saying, “Beginning of combat, (wait for acknowledgment from your opponent that they are passing priority so you can indeed move to the beginning of combat step) before declaring attackers I am going to Crew this vehicle.”

After doing this, your opponent has a chance to respond.

Also, before you actually move into the beginning of combat step, your opponent has a chance to do something. This is because by saying you want to move to combat, you are saying you are passing priority to your opponent and they have a chance to take an action.

In truth, this is no different than animated lands, or Desecration Demon when it was in popular.

So remember, if you plan to Crew a vehicle in the beginning of combat step, make it very clear to your opponent what step you’re in.

That’s if for this time, friends. Have a question you would like to see answered? If so, leave us a comment or shoot Patrick an email at pcossel@gmail.com


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