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Player’s Perspective: The Rat Pack-Session 1

Last week afforded a new opportunity to play as we decided to give fifth edition DnD a shot. One of our players had run a campaign with some of his coworkers using this system, and I had shown some interest in it after he gave me a synopsis of their campaign. Since I wanted a new perspective on playing, we decided to go with him being the DM, especially since none of the rest of us were familiar with the new rules. He made us up some characters based on some questions he posed, and we rushed headfirst into a campaign as a group of rat folk gangsters. I’ll be giving a player’s perspective on this campaign as we go along. We’ve conveniently named this campaign “The Rat Pack” due to our race, which had to be specially made for this campaign.

My character in this adventure is Ritt Splittooth, a rat folk who is the older (and larger) brother of Lem Splittooth. Ritt is a 5th level monk who also happens to be a mute. He’s always been protected by his little brother, which has lead him to stay out of combat for the most part. Most people take his lack of talking as a sign of him being slow, however, he actually learned how to fight by studying from other people from a distance. While his brother began advancing in the ranks of the Blackcoat gang, Ritt followed his lead as it seemed that was the only thing for him to do at the time. Ritt tries to keep his fighting ability a secret from Lem as well as other people, mostly because he tries to keep to himself but wants to help his family and friends as much as he can.

The first leg of our adventure starts with an assignment by the leader of the Blackcoat gang trying to acquire something from a keep in the upper level of the city. While the item is told to be a gem that will help the Blackcoats gain more power, they are left in dark as to how but accept the task willingly. The city is built on the ruins of an older city that

The city is built on the ruins of an older city that was destroyed long ago, however, the ruins have become an underground city of their own to the plethora of gangs that reside there. In order to acquire this treasure, the group must travel through a rival gang’s territory, known as the Silvertooth gang. The group trudges through the streets of the bazaar on their way to the keep, and instantly run into trouble as a Silvertooth member decides to pickpocket one of the group members. Fortunately, Ritt has a knack for also pick-pocketing, and ends up inadvertently stealing the bag back. Seeing that it has his gang’s sigil on the bag, he pockets it as he goes on his way. The group makes their way up to the castle and meets at a tavern, hoping to find a way to gain access to the keep which is heavily guarded. Around dusk, a hole is spotted as an animal is crawling in, and the group decides that this would be a good opportunity to sneak on in.

After dropping down into the tunnel, they are readily met by opponents of the Silvertooth gang. After making some impressive work with three of their opponents (and stealing their silver teeth afterwards), the group finds their way to box that houses their prize. Three group members end up picking locks simultaneously in order to get in the box that houses their prize, and take it with them back through the tunnels and back into the underground city.

When arriving back at their gang lair, they see that the box houses a blood red gem. When the box is opened, the gem sucks in all blood in the room, which makes it glow and eventually hatches a dragon-like creature, which the gang leader takes to his private quarters and lets the group know that he’ll let them know about his next assignment.

When the group resurfaces for some fresh air at the port, they notice a ship at the port that has the name Dawnbringer, which happens to be the name of the ship that they were told through their sources along their adventure had brought the gem to the keep in the first place. After noticing some flashing red lights from the cabin, the group decides to investigate and heads towards the ship.

While I did not include all the information from the session in this post (as it would probably quite the extensive read), The main points have been covered. If you’d like more in depth details about each session of this campaign, please let me know in the comments below.

Chock Schmidt is the RPG guru for The Forge Herald and, like most of the characters he plays, also has an eye for shiny things. When not making it hail gold coins in the tavern, he’s kickin’ it with his family and being a slave to the man.


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