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How much research do you do on your games?
by Nolan “Endruin” LaMeres

I would never buy the complete guides or look at cheats until after I beat the game.  If I like it, I had to see what i missed.  

Somewhere, sometime after years of MMO’s and trying to min/max and using forums to gather information, I found myself doing homework before I even fired up the game. What I noticed is when you search a new games class or builds the most popular search usually involves something like: “ best class, best race, best build…”

Min-maxing has taken over control, I can understand because people want to be powerful because in multiplayer games you have to, to stay competitive.  Knowing all that, I was shocked at how popular these “best” searches are.  

In RPG’s, for me, it’s always play my way and enjoy the experience, but last weekend I fired up Fall Out 4 and was overwhelmed by starting stats and perks.  I wanted to see what they did so I could build my toon for my playstyle.  

All I could find was a list of how to build my toon for best results, how to “break the game”,  even the description guides I found gave the perks a grade of usefulness.  Which of course I read, and of course was influenced by.  

This weekend I wanted to test out the Destiny: The Collection and didn’t know what all the classes, what the new additions were, or the changes that had been made since I last played at launch.  

Again I did a little research,  found lists and such about how to play for best results, builds, pve and pvp rankings.  

All of a sudden the route I thought I was going to go didn’t seem as clear. I’ve been raiding in WoW there are stat priorities, gear lists, and proper min-maxing for best results, and math to back up most results! Which makes it even harder to ignore!

So I started thinking, what caused me to be this way, what caused games to become so broken down that there is “one” way “correct way” to play.  It seems games are a lot easier to reroll, restart, and follow the FOTM (Flavor of the Month) class, spec, build.

For me, with time constraints it really factors into my forum study, and the ability to see what hundreds if not thousands of people are finding for results vs a 1 man trial and error, it just seems smarter.

I remember looking up maps in Everquest because the “world” was uncharted, and doing research to discover that world, having epic questlines that were hard, that didn’t have an exclamation point, that you had to talk to with proper word tracks, (what typing) and an overall community effort to discover the NPC’s and items needed.

It doesn’t make the old way right, just a different generation of gaming. I guess information is easier to get these days, and there are more people playing, so just because I’m not on the front lines of discovery it feels different and easier to just “google” best class for pvp, or pve, or solo, or healer…Anyways…

This Wednesday the 28th one of the Everquest Time Locked Progression servers unlocks its latest expansion,  “Luclin” I’m sure I’ll spend a couple days re-learning the buttons, and realize I don’t have the time for it anymore, but I’m a little excited to step into the time machine and roll up a Beastlord.

The parting  question I pass onto you, how much research do you do once you pick up a game?  Do you forge ahead and find your own way?  Do you do a little homework to find your own style in the game?   Or do you just find the best way online, Google and go with it?   Let me know in the comments below.  

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Nolan “The Endruin” LaMeres is the resident video game writer here at The Forge Herald. He is a father, husband, and a gamer. Follow him on Twitter @TheEndruin

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