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Going behind the screen, Intro

By Cody Dube

I have spent countless hours playing RPGs in my past – Shadowrun, Vampire: The Masquerade, and of course Dungeons and Dragons. Unfortunately, like many of us, the friends I played moved away as I grew up. I also made the leap and got married and had two children. With that, my time for gaming seemed to vanish.

My boys have grown some now, aged three and five respectively, and I have carved out a bit of time in my life for gaming again. Close friend and fellow writer at the Forge Herald, Chock Schmidt, offered me a spot in the Pathfinder game he writes about as they needed a rogue. Yep, I’m the infamous “That,” the Vishkanya rogue. The group graciously accepted my rust as it had been years since I played a pen and paper RPG.

This group ran two different campaigns, with different DMs, and both are great. I really fell back into the mystique of pen and paper as we sat around a table building an amazing story, everyone adding their own little flare to make it something incredible.

I commented to a friend I work with that I was playing again and then the weirdest thing happened – another friend in my work crew came up to me and told me he used to play D&D and wanted me to run an adventure for them.

I was blown away, all the time I spent playing RPGs I’ve always done it from the player’s side never from behind the screen so to speak. I agreed to run it for them and was off crafting my own personal world in which I would drop our would-be heroes into.

You may be thinking, “You crafted the whole thing? Why not just use a prebuilt adventure?” Well, that’s apparently just not my style. I also had chosen to run the adventure in D&D 5th edition not in Pathfinder. Which is what both campaigns I had returned to were ran in.

Not only was I making the whole world but learning a new system to run it in.

About two days in I had a panic attack, I was sure I would be ruining these players time and turning them away from roleplaying. The next day my wife saw me fretting about it and mentioned she had seen a few different guys on Youtube that each ran their own series on being a DM and making your own world. You can view their channels here and here.

I sat down and watched about two hours of content and felt as if this was something I could again achieve. I was also introduced to some really cool programs to help build a world and some insight on how they created their worlds.

In the meantime, my party had grown from two players and myself to four players and myself as my wife and one of the player’s girlfriends decided they wished to join the adventure. Not to be disheartened again, I sat down and crafted a map of my new world and picked an area to start them in – a small peninsula blocked off from the rest of its continent by a vast mountain range. I named it the Peninsula of Muir and began weaving its story.

Cody Dube is a guest writer for the Forge Herald. He has recently come back to role playing, specifically as a DM. Cody is a level 1 Magic Judge, father, husband, and all around gamer. 



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