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Weekend in…Overwatch

by Nolan “Endruin” LaMeres

Hey there Forge Herald Fans!

I’ve decided that I’m going to focus on a game every weekend and do a rough overview of it.  So this week/weekend I decided to sit down and play some Overwatch.  

Overwatch is the new-ish 1st person “hero” shooter from Blizzard Entertainment.  The game is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.  I play on PC. Lucio_portrait There are currently 22 playable heroes, across 4 subclasses: Attack, Defense. Support, and Tank.  There is 12 playable maps, ranging from escorts, control points, and the combination of the 2.  A few weeks ago they added competitive play, and they have rotating weekly “Brawl” matches that are fun random game types.  This week I got to play a Rocket League-type soccer match featuring the character, Lucio.

As you level up you are rewarded with Loot Boxes that contain random customization items for your characters, skins, sprays emotes, finishers, and voice lines.  You get 1 boxes per level up or you can buy these boxes for a price in game.  

I’ve found out playing this game, I have horrible aim, I’m a terrible tank, I like playing a defensive sniper on attack, and the most fun I have is when I’m playing support.  

The thing I really like about this game is every class has its strength and weakness and those come in the form or the other classes.  It plays sort of like a rock, paper, scissors type game with the ability to swap heroes based on what is needed.  It’s well worth your time to have 3-4 classes that you feel comfortable with so you can contribute at any given situation.

Another area I’ve been impressed with is Blizzard’s focus on Heroes and balance  if there is a Hero over or under performing so far they have done a solid job of keeping them in line.  I also like when the “nerf” hits they make sure they fix the problem area but don’t make the Hero unplayable  and they make up for the “fix” in another area so they are still competitive.

I’ve had a lot of fun solo, but this game has been a blast with friends!! While the community can be hit or miss as far as toxicity, it’s been a few years since I’ve enjoyed a 1st person shooter and  the 1st time I’ve enjoyed a shooter on PC. So far I’d say I’ve gotten my investment back in this game and it will continue to be a game I keep in my play rotation.  

Are you guys playing Overwatch, what’s has been your experience so far?  I’m always on the lookout for new and older games that I’ve missed.  Please feel free to recommend a game below or let me know on Twitter https://twitter.com/TheEndruin thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Huntings!

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