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Review: Croak #1

New from Alterna Comics this week is the horror comic Croak #1. This new title for Alterna is written by Cody Andrew Sousa, with art by Francesco Iaqinta. Dezi Sienty did the lettering and design, Chris O’Halloran is the colorist and Dan Sheppard is credited as the editor.

Croak cover

This is a horror comic and is not recommended for children. Violence and language are the strong contributors to that.

What struck me about the comic was the darkness of the art. Iaqinta does a great job of using sharp features and quality detail to add to the story. Also lending a lot atmosphere is the ink and coloring by O’Halloran. You truly get a dark and ominous feel from the start.

Croak opens with three friends, Nick, Aubrey, and Tim, heading out on a camping trip. The conversation in the opening sequence has them razzing each other and lamenting the fact that one of their friends is unable to join them.

Croak 1

As they arrive at their destination, the trio learn that, for some of them, this is their first camping trip. More teasing ensues as the group of friends prepare to make their way through the woods to the camping spot. When they arrive at the spot, they discover they have left their tent back at the car, more than an hour back down the trail.

They decide to forgo the tent and camp under the stars.Croak 3

Their night progresses with a ghost story which is followed by the emergence of terror in the form of a familiar face.

Although I am not a fan of horror, I felt like this book does a good job of drawing the reader in. Its use of expletives may seem over the top for some readers but I found it accepting. Perhaps because I talk the same way when I am around my group of friends. In that respect, I felt Sousa did a good job of using familiar enough dialogue for me to relate to the story.

Croak definitely pulls on the familiar horror story theme – friends camping, ghost stories, something goes terribly wrong, horrors are revealed. Still, I found the book enjoyable. As this is the first edition of this title, I will have a chance to follow this story from the start. I am looking forward to that.

Overall Croak is an enjoyable, albeit dark, read. The total package of dialogue, art, and coloring present an excellent entry into the horror comic scene.

Title: Croak
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Price: 2.99
Written by:
Cody Andrew Sousa
Artist: Francesco Iaqinta
Format: Print/Digital

Score: 8/10

© 2016, Patrick Cossel. All rights reserved.

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