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One Night in Karazhan – The Parlor

The flatware is attacking, the mirror is insulting, and now the chess board is trying to kill you! To think, that’s just the first wing of Karazhan.

One Night in Karazhan, the latest adventure for the online card game, Hearthstone, released last week. All Hearthstone players were allowed to play the free intro adventure which sets the stage for what’s going on with Medivh and his attempted party. You must defeat this first mission to unlock your ability to access the main adventure.

The first wing of Karazhan is The Parlor. As with most Hearthstone adventures, this wing features three bosses that must be defeated in succession. As you defeat them you are awarded special cards to be added to your Hearthstone collection.

The Silverware Golem
this is a pretty straight forward fight. I took my beast druid against the Silverware Golem and defeated it on the back of two Savage Combatants and a Savage Roar by turn six. The Golem was focusing its attacks on me and leaving my minions alone. This gave me the opportunity to clear away its plates that had both taunt and charge.

The thing to remember is as the golem plays its creatures, they do various things to his plates (creatures it puts out with its hero power). Some give the plates taunt, some charge, etc.

You need to stay aggressive here. As I said, a couple of big creatures and me swinging pretty hard won the match by turn six.

With his defeat, I was awarded a Deadly Fork and the Silverware Golem.

Silverware Golem Deadly Fork









Magic Mirror
My first attempt was abysmal against The Magic Mirror. Its ability creates a “Mirror Image” of each creature cast by both players, except the creatures are 1/1 versions of themselves. I attempted to defeat this boss with my druid deck and found I was way outmatched.

I then decided to build a warrior Taunt deck and through it at the Magic Mirror. That seemed to work nicely. Here is a video of that match.

Defeating this boss gave me Arcane Anomaly and Pantry spider.

Pantry Spider Arcane Anomoly









Last up was the Black King

Time to play a game of chess where the Black King gets to cheat! Seriously, his ability says “Cheat!” This ability will destroy your left-most piece.

This was an easy match. The trick here is to make sure you always have a pawn on the left side of the board to protect your Queens. Yes, Queens, plural. The Queen is the strongest piece on the board. The more you have, the better off you are.

The pieces will auto-attack at the end of your turn with the exception being the Knight. You need to remember to attack with the Knight. It can only attack other pieces so use it to take out Rooks, Bishops or rival Queens.

It took my only one attempt at The Black King and I was awarded Ivory Knight, Arcanosmith, Protect the King, Cloaked Huntress, and Moroes.

Moroes Cloaked Huntress Arcanosmith Ivory Knight Protect the King


Is there a deck that you found worked particularly well with any of these bosses? Leave a note in the comments to let us know!







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