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One Night in Karazhan – The Opera House

The second wing of One Night in Karazhan is open! This means we have three new bosses to fight.

In order to find out what has happened to Medivh you must first fight your way through Karazhan. For this part of the fight, you need to get through the Opera House.

First up in the Opera House is Julianne. Julianne, a star-crossed lover searching for her Romulo, is one of the easiest bosses I have faced yet. The trick to remember is that you are not just fighting her as much as you’re fighting her and Romulo. She starts the game with him in play and will use her hero power to summon him if you remove him from play. While he is on the board, Julianne is immune. This means you need to keep him gone.

I decided to try the Beast Druid deck for this fight. I was able to keep Romulo from being a factor by using Savage Combatant’s Inspire ability and being aggressive. I finished it off with a Druid of the Claw set to haste and an all-out attack.

Big Bad Wolf
I decided to switch it up on this fight and loaded up my ZooLock deck.

For this fight, the thing to remember is all your minions will be 1/1 and will cost 1. With ZooLock I had Bran in my opening hand as well as an Abusive Sergeant. I stayed aggressive and swung face for the win. Overall I thought this was an easy fight.

The Crone
The last fight in the opera house is against The Crone.

I stuck with ZooLock and continued to play aggressively. The cool thing about this fight is you get to start with a minion in play. This minion is Dorothy. Dorothy has the special ability that allows you to give your minions either haste or taunt depending on what side of her you play them.

On turn six I made a potential miss-play but was able to recover with the casting of a Sea Giant to the right of Dorothy giving it taunt.

After that, it was back to the same routine of staying aggressive and using the ability to give my creatures Haste. It sounds like things get ugly around turn 8 so make sure to defeat The Crone as quickly as you can.

Check out the video of The Big Bad Wolf and The Crone.

Have you tried One Night in Karazhan yet? What decks are you having success with? Let us know in the comments below!


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